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Kevin Hart Loves Big Smokes!

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Kevin Hart has been entertaining us since 2001, but really burst on the scene in 2008 with his “I’m a Grown Little Man” stand-up comedy special. From that point on, Kevin Hart has become a household name. Today, Hart, a stand-up comedian, actor, and producer rank among the highest-grossing entertainers in Hollywood. This new member of Hollywood royalty counts on big smokes as one of his favorite indulgences.

Kevin Hart Hustles Every Day

Cigars were not some affectation that he acquired the moment he achieved box office gold. Kevin hart started smoking cigars while on the road building out his stand-up career. He often saw other comedians like Ron White and Steve Harvey smoking on stage or after their set. Steve Harvey has become a huge role model for Hart because of his tireless work ethic. He also passed off his joy of smoking cigars to Hart, who was hooked!

Little Man, Big Smokes

Unlike many celebrities, Kevin Hart isn’t shy about his smoking habits.  He was photographed on New Year’s Eve smoking with famed singer and actor, Ludacris. On his recent honeymoon with his new bride, Eniko Parrish in St. Bart’s, the paparazzi’s eyes were on his new bride. They also captured Kevin Hart smoking in every photo, every day of the honeymoon. In a recent luxury fashion shoot on a sailboat in Malibu, he flashed one of his other big passions- expensive watches. He sported a rare Audemars Piguet watch that cost in excess of 100k while waving a massive trophy Cuban.

All in the Family Smoking

This 2014 movie “Ride Along” featured Ice Cube, who is a notorious cigar smoker. While Ice Cube’s cigar of choice is a Punch Magnum Double Maduro, which looked large in his hands, looked massive when given to Kevin Hart. Ice Cube playfully teased his co-star about not being allowed to smoke anything bigger than himself. They smoked frequently throughout the movie both on and off the set. While they shared cigars with folks on the set, many couldn’t handle the strong full-bodied smokes they enjoyed!

Kevin Hart is Serious About his Big Smokes

As one of the most sought-after stand-up comedians both on stage and on the big screen, he has made a career by being the funny guy. However, Kevin Hart takes his cigars seriously. He smokes frequently and does not shy away from lighting up big ringed, full-bodied smoke. In the pictures from New Years’ with Ludacris, he is smoking a Cohiba Behike. He is also not afraid to flash prized Cuban trophies like a Partagas Series E Number 2. The bigger, the better!

The Champ Remains Humble

As one of the top-grossing movie stars, it would be easy for all of the success to go to his head. Instead, Kevin Hart stays grounded through the love of his growing family, and by focusing on upcoming projects. Smoking a cigar while enjoying a cocktail allows him to gather his thoughts as he thinks about the future, while also reflecting upon the journey that got him there. A good smoke keeps him grounded and focused.

Although the cigars, the watches, and the clothes all may seem flashy, Kevin Hart remains humble and hard working. He knows how fleeting the success could be and he never takes anything for granted.


Photo credit: Kevin Hart/Snapchat

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