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Cigar Life Guy explains the life insurance application process for cigar smokers.Searching for a cigar smokers’ life insurance policy at an affordable price takes time if you go it alone. That’s why we’re here to help you through the life insurance application process. Cigar Life Guy™ can step in and help you find the best life insurance quote fast. Give us a call today at 888-80CIGAR (888-802-4427) or fill out a life insurance quote form on our website. To get an idea of cost, complete the quote form for regular or daily cigar smokers (no other tobacco products). Select non-tobacco on the form and then choose the standard rate class.

What is the life insurance application process?

When you call Cigar Life Guy™, You’ll speak with Dave or a trusted colleague trained to get you the best rates for cigar smokers.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the insurance jargon or know what kind of policy you’re looking for. Cigar Life Guy™ will help you sort through all that and find you the best policy to meet your needs.
As it relates to your health and lifestyle, be very open about your history. Is there anything that you’re currently treated for or were being treated for? Are you taking any medications? Do you have any criminal or driver’s license issues? Are you on disability or have you been on disability? Do you use tobacco products and, if so, what type and how often? Do you use prescription or recreational drugs (including marijuana)?

Tip: Policies on marijuana are changing fast but becoming more lenient. The important part, like cigar use, is full disclosure so you can be placed with the right company.

Tip: It’s far better to be open and honest upfront with full disclosure than applying with the wrong company and not getting the best offer possible.

Based on your conversation, Cigar Life Guy™ will share some potential rates or quotes with you.  These rates will incorporate the health and lifestyle information you provided. These quotes are not set in stone. They are the best estimate for the offer you’ll receive based on available information. You select the plan you want to apply for and Cigar Life Guy™ will use some of the personal information you provided to start your application. This entire conversation takes 10-15 minutes in most cases.

The Life Insurance Application Process Outcomes

The process varies based on the plan and company you choose. But, your life insurance application process will typically work in one of two ways:

  1. You get a phone call from the insurance company to go through your health and lifestyle. Then, you’ll receive an email to sign your application electronically. If needed, someone will reach out to you to schedule an insurance exam.
  2. You get an email to sign your application electronically. Then, someone will reach out to schedule your insurance exam. During the exam, the examiner will ask about your health and lifestyle.


The basic insurance exam

During the exam, they take a blood sample, a urine sample, physical measurements like height and weight, and a blood pressure reading. If you’re older or applying for a lot of insurance, they may need more tests like an EKG. Don’t worry about what you will or won’t need. The examiner will know what’s required and have everything necessary for the exam and tests. The exam company will work with you to schedule a convenient time to come to either your home or office.

Set yourself up for success

Follow the instructions the exam company gives you including fasting. Don’t go crazy the night before or the morning of your exam. Avoid excessive alcohol, a huge steak and eggs breakfast, and etc. Get more helpful exam tips here.

If you’re trying to get preferred or better rates for cigar smokers, avoid smoking for at least 10 days before your exam. That’s how long it takes your body to rid itself of cotinine, the alkaloid found in tobacco products that serve as a biomarker on lab tests. Remember, if you’re a regular or daily cigar smoker, this doesn’t apply. You don’t need to get the cotinine out of your system – the insurance company expects to see it.

After you complete your exam and the life insurance company reviews your application, it may request your medical records. This is also known as the “Attending Physician’s Statement.”  Don’t read anything into it – good or bad. This request is at the life insurance company’s effort and expense. You don’t need to hunt them down.

When the insurance company has everything they need and has analyzed it in their underwriting department, you’ll receive an offer. If you like the company’s offer, you accept it and make your first payment. Once your first payment is received and accepted, your coverage is effective.

Which policy should you get?

If you’re at the application stage and uncertain of what you want (a 20-year or 30-year policy or a $500,000 or $750,000 policy), you can make changes until the policy becomes effective. Go ahead and apply for a higher amount. Get through underwriting to get the process going. Then, make your final decision.

How long does the whole life insurance application process take?

How long the application process takes depends on how fast you complete each step. If you put off getting the exam done, then nothing will happen to move things along. Medical records requests, when needed, take time. This is outside of your control and the insurance company’s control. But, Cigar Life Guy™ can help. Our back-office team follows up two to three times per week with the medical facility to expedite some of the processes.

Tip: A couple of weeks is normal. If medical records are requested, a month or more may be normal as well. Sometimes the process is much quicker, but each situation varies.

What is the process summary?

  • Call 888-80CIGAR or fill out a life insurance quote request.
  • Have an initial conversation and start your application. Remember, be upfront about your health and what you smoke during that conversation!
  • Complete your exam and/or health and lifestyle interview.
  • Get an approval or “offer”.
  • Make your first payment and the policy becomes active.

Finding the right cigar smokers’ life insurance doesn’t have to be an endless labyrinth. Let Cigar Life Guy™ guide you.

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