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What is Cigar Life Guy®

Cigar Life Guy® is a lifestyle brand for cigar enthusiasts. Dave Arlinghaus, also known as Cigar Life Guy®, is a long-time life insurance broker who enjoys cigars. Or, maybe he’s a cigar lover who also brokers life insurance. Either way, this is a marriage of two passions for Dave. He loves great conversations over a cigar. And, he loves helping people protect their loved ones or business interests through life insurance. Hence the name, Cigar Life Guy®…get it?
There are some huge, legal hacks available to get the best price on life insurance for cigar smokers. That includes non-tobacco rates for daily cigar smokers, and often at a 70% savings! That said, Cigar Life Guy® isn’t about life insurance. The life insurance part is easy. So, if you need life insurance or want to make sure you aren’t overpaying, talk to Dave or one of his trusted partners. Dave will make sure you apply with a company that treats your level of cigar use with favor. Cigar Life Guy® is about the conversations and connections that occur over a social cigar.

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Look Great in Cigar Life Guy® Gear

Cigar Life Guy Gear looks great all year round! It’s excellent quality stuff and it’s affordably priced. But, you should also know that 100% of all net profits go to Operation: Cigars for Warriors. Cigar Life Guy doesn’t make a dime on the swag. In all honesty, we just want you to look great!

Cigar Life Guy™ original cigar lifestyle content

The Cigar Life Guy® website is your source for fresh, original content focused on cigars. So, this isn’t a bunch of product reviews. Product reviews are great when they aren’t faked, but there are tons of sites doing them already. The Cigar Life Guy® website will have stuff you won’t get anywhere else. Learn about cigar lifestyle, social smoking, and cigar culture. You’ll also read about some incredible people doing the smoking! Finally, there is daily original content across social media @cigarlifeguy. So, if you aren’t following us now’s a perfect time to start.
Light a stick, have a look around, and stay awhile!
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