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Want to know more about Cigar Life Guy? Check out the latest news here. Cigar Life Guy delights in the media inquiries we’ve received. Many top cigar media publications have expressed interest in learning more. These cigar life publications cover all the latest cigar news.  Here are a few:

Tobacco Business, May/June 2020

In this interview, Cigar Life Guy, Dave Arlinghaus discusses why and how Cigar Life Guy came to be. He also discusses how cigar smokers can save on life insurance rates. These are big savings they might not know about. Part of cigar lifestyle is finding easy ways to get what you need. Finding quality life insurance at rates that no one is promoting is one of those ways. Best of all, it’s a win-win! During this interview, Arlinghaus reveals how regular, otherwise healthy cigar smokers can save up to 70% on life insurance. That’s a lot of cigars when you break it down. Don’t miss this interview to learn more.

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Cigar Journal, Winter 2020

“Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers”
During our interview with Cigar Journal, we shared a life insurance industry secret. Regular, otherwise healthy cigar smokers might qualify for non-smoker life insurance rates. It’s important to get the word out on that. It’s a big deal for cigar smokers across the nation. The savings could mean as much as 70%. That translates to going from paying $300 per month to $100 or less for life insurance for some cigar smokers. Imagine what you could do with those savings. It’s like putting more money in your wallet. For us, we like to envision a fuller humidor packed with our favorite sticks using money we would not have had. So, in a way, it’s like getting free cigars.


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