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How to Choose a Great Victory Cigar

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Hopefully, you’ve had something to celebrate recently. And if you haven’t, I’m sure you have in the past and will still relate. We’ve all had the moment where we’ve sat and said, “Hey, I’m proud of what I’ve just accomplished.”  Perhaps it was your college graduation, that big promotion, the birth of your firstborn, or your favorite team just won the big game – there’s an endless amount of occasions that would make this list. Whatever it was, I can guarantee you, that it was worthy of a fine, victory cigar.

Victory cigars have been a mainstay in major league sports for decades. Thinking about it, you’ll draw up visions of Michael Jordan, dedicated tailgaters, and Crimson Tide fans all enjoying their favorite smokes after winning the big game. There’s no better way to celebrate a victory than with a fabulous, favorite stogie – the ‘Victory’ cigar.


So, What Does the Victory Cigar Look Like?

Your victory cigar should match the occasion– both in taste, strength, and quality. Cigars are all about enjoying the moment, and your choice here should complement the celebration. Just finished up your last year of grad school and you’re planning to follow it up with a nice spring party? A lighter Connecticut to pair with that hot weather should do the trick (a Macanudo may come to mind). Just won the game against your rival on a crisp fall day? Well, then it might make sense to opt for something with a little more attitude – a heavyweight Maduro or even a full Habano.

Whatever you choose, there’s one commonality between all of these occasions – you need a fine cigar. Choose the best you have in your humidor – the occasion demands it. Plus, this is what you were saving it for, right? Make sure you pack a few for your friends – even non-cigar smokers will give it a shot on a really special occasion, and we wouldn’t want to leave them out.


 What’s Best Served With a Victory Cigar?

Parties, receptions, tailgates – whatever occasion you’re celebrating – demand that beverages be on-hand. There really are no rules here – just make sure that your beverage choice matches the cigar that you’ve chosen for the celebration. There are plenty of fine cocktails to enjoy throughout the year, and everyone has their own personal preferences. Just remember to pair your cigar with something complementary and seasonal to get the most out of the moment. When in doubt, stick to the essentials (or ask a familiar cigar lover what they’re drinking!). 


Enjoying the Moment

At its core, a Victory cigar is about enjoying the moment. Let’s face it – most of us every day Americans don’t get to celebrate wins as often as we’d like, so it’s in our best interest to sit back and appreciate them when they happen.  Every cigar smoker understands the way that time slows down when we’re enjoying one of our favorite smokes, and that enjoyment jumps tenfold when we get to celebrate an exciting event in our lives.

Remember, the next time a moment pops up to enjoy a Victory cigar, don’t pass it up!


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