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Great Cigars Enhance the Moment

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We all remember our first cigar. It may have been at a swanky cigar lounge with some coworkers, in front of a backyard campfire, or on the ninth hole of your favorite golf course. In any case, the first cigar is a memorable experience. Since that time, we’ve had plenty of great cigars, some of them memorable, some of them not. For most of us, when we reach into our humidor, the anticipation is great – we know we’re about to sit down and relax. That’s what cigars are about, right? There’s an unspoken “value” of a great cigar, and it comes from the experience. The enjoyment, relaxation, and reflection that a premium cigar brings on can’t be discounted. As we roll into fall, keep an eye out for a special occasion to enjoy your next cigar.

Here are a few occasions destined to involve a fine cigar and enhance an already great experience.


The Celebration Stogie

There is no better reason than a celebration to break out a great cigar (or a few)! There’s no shame in pulling out that “special” cigar to enjoy when the occasion demands it. Birthday party? New Year’s? Perhaps your favorite team just won the ball game? Sounds about right. Pairing a fine cigar with a special occasion only helps to add another memory to that event – especially if you can share it with some cigar-loving friends or family. We always have that “one” cigar that we’re just waiting to smoke until we have the right opportunity. This is it.


The Breakfast Cigar

Okay, this one may be a bit taboo. But, if you haven’t had a breakfast cigar – don’t knock it until you try it. And if you haven’t tried it, add it to your list – there’s not much that beats a cool morning, a hot, strong coffee, and a great cigar. Cigars and coffee are like peanut butter and jelly – they just work. What better way to kick off the day than with your favorite smoke? As we roll into autumn, this one definitely should be on your radar.


The Late Night Smoke

The complete reverse of the breakfast cigar, this one’s your nightcap. Imagine you’re at the tail end of a night on the town with your buddies and are getting that one last drink in before heading home. This is the perfect opportunity to share a cigar with friends – that’s what it’s all about. If you’re in the city, find a local cigar lounge to cap off the night.  Small town? A great cigar on the front porch accomplishes the same thing – a great end to a fine evening.


The Campfire Churchill

We saved the best for last. No campfire is complete without a group of friends, snacks, cocktails, and plenty of cigars to go around. A campfire isn’t a quick ordeal, so leave your Robusto at home – this is a Churchill occasion. There’s nothing quite like mixing a cool, fall evening with a nice cocktail and a complementary cigar – that’s the stuff that dreams are made of!


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