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How to Choose the Right Cigar Shapes and Sizes

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Have you ever perused the humidor at your local cigar lounge? The experience can be overwhelming. The number of cigars to choose from is in all their different shapes, sizes, and colors create a dizzying effect. These factors tie into the experience you get when you select the right cigar for your smoking pleasure. But, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you choose. How long do I have to enjoy this cigar? Am I in the mood for a stronger cigar, or something a bit milder? What kind of draw am I looking for? These factors play into your decision when choosing your next cigar from the humidor.


The Shape of your Cigar

Cigars come down to two different shapes. You have ‘Parejos’ and ‘Figurados’. The meaning is simple. ‘Parejos’ feature a straight side, a cap at one end, and an open end to light. ‘Figurados’ are the rest – think Torpedos, Piramides, Perfectos, and the like. Why does this matter? Well, it’s a matter of education. The shape of the right cigar you choose to smoke is about personal preference. It doesn’t much affect the taste.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a big draw on their cigar, a Parejo is probably a good bet. You can get a nice, large cut where the shoulder meets the cap for a big draw while smoking it. Figurados allow a bit more flexibility in cut, and you can tailor your draw to your liking.


Choosing the Right Size

Within every cigar shape, there’s also a measurement for size: length and ring gauge. Length obviously refers to how long the cigar is. A ring gauge refers to a cigar’s thickness and how wide it is. In the literal sense, it’s like a ring you’d put on your finger. These factors play into your cigar smoking experience.
The length of a cigar and ring size go hand in hand.  A longer cigar has a larger (wider) ring gauge and will take longer to smoke and finish. This is your “celebration” cigar. With these cigars, you’re not rushed into a quick 30-minute cigar smoking session. Instead, you’re in it for the long haul. These will usually smoke for over an hour. So, grab your Churchill for this one. If you only have a few minutes to spare, then stick with a shorter cigar and a slighter ring gauge. Something like a Petit Corona should do.
In general, a larger ring size will burn a bit cooler and slower, resulting in a milder flavor. Yet, smaller ring size can burn faster and hotter than a larger cigar, even of the same variety. The combination of size and shape go into the taste of a cigar, as well as the wrapper and the filler.


Bringing It All Together

As with most things, practice makes perfect, and the more cigars you try, the more experience you’ll gain. Our recommendation? Try a bunch of different cigars with a variety of lengths, ring gauges, and shapes. You’ll begin defining your tastes, which will help you choose the right cigar during your next trip to the humidor.

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