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Trophy Cigars and the Art of the Hunt

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How many times over the years have you had someone show you their humidor, and while beaming with pride, point out a few selective beauties? What was the sentence that is usually uttered in conjunction with the great reveal? “I’m saving these for a special occasion.” Or, “you have no idea how hard they were to get.” Now we have all experienced humidor envy at some point or another, and the war to keep up with what the Jones are smoking can be a futile endeavor. That of course doesn’t mean there isn’t a thrill in the chase or art to the hunt for trophy cigars!


The Hunt for Trophy Cigars Begins

Many of us brim with excitement walking into a cigar store when visiting a new town, hoping to score something rare or hard to find. We’ve all been beguiled as the proprietor deftly pulls back the velvet curtain, or opens the hidden case to reveal their secrets. There is a visceral thrill when out pops an Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF, or a Fuente Don Arturo Anniverxario. The price of each is reasonable enough to include them in your humidor for bragging rights.


Taking the Trophy Cigars to the Next Level

If you’re more concerned with running your reward miles, then a trip to the auction house might be in order. There are many online auction sites with extensive price listings covering the entire gamut. Nothing beats the thrill of swaggering into Sotheby’s and examining their treasures.

Swarovski-encrusted King of Denmarks is always a welcome sight. But, so, too, are boxes of Cohiba Behikes, or the stunning Ghurka Black Dragons. Even if you aren’t planning on bidding, the atmosphere is intoxicating. But, don’t let it lead to an errant bid!


Fly Me to the Moon

There are countless stories about world travelers bringing back boxes of Cubans from duty-free shops in foreign airports. We applaud you for patronizing legitimate products. By doing so, you avoided many counterfeits or boxes purchased from some swarthy back ally character in a trench coat. Now that it’s legal to bring a few boxes back to the United States. So, there’s no reason to worry about removing the bands or disguising them as something else.

One lounge regular used to brag how back in the day he would buy a box and stash them in his wife’s luggage before they boarded. He thought customs agents would target him. Meanwhile, she would walk through unscathed and unfazed. No need for Mission Impossible charades anymore. Carry your trophies with pride and make sure you store them well while you travel!


Smoke ‘Em if you Got ‘Em

We know you are like us. If you care about everything involving the cigar lifestyle, you will look at your humidor, and crack a Cheshire grin. Few things match that first feeling of picking up that special smoke to commemorate a wedding, promotion, or retirement. Whatever it is, remember, every day above ground is a “special occasion.” Never let your trophy cigars gather dust while waiting for the “perfect day.” And whatever you do, no matter how certain you are, never tell your friend that his treasured trophies are counterfeit Cuban cigars!


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