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Social Distancing and Cigar Smoking

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It goes without saying that smoking a cigar is more often than not, a social event. There is a true camaraderie built around the smoking of a cigar. Unfortunately, these days brim with social distancing and mandated quarantine. Thus, the social nature of cigar smoking can be somewhat limited. Depending on where you live, the weather isn’t helping the situation at the moment. So what can a cigar aficionado do to avoid being stuck in solitary while enjoying his favorite smoke?


Social Media and Cigar Smoking

There is an inherent joy sitting on your porch alone with your thoughts for an hour or two. But, sometimes you need to share those moments with good friends. The current restrictions we face with “social distancing” bring their own challenges. But, some of our tech-savvy cigar lovers have come up with a unique solution: online group smokes. Take a laptop or tablet in your backyard. Pair that with an online group video chat program. Then, you can still engage in banter and friendship over a cigar, even if the distance separates you.


Social Distancing and the Art of the Selfie

Many smokers take time to post Instagram images of themselves enjoying a cigar in the comfort of their own backyard or homegrown cigar lounge. Friendly competition occurs among more industrious friends. It escalates into contests for the coolest home cigar lounge. Images of patios designed to look like old Havana or a hip NYC smoking lounge have flooded the internet.


Nothing Like a Humble Brag

The shutdown adds increased stress to anyone’s life, sure. But, it also leads many to break out “trophy cigars” and enjoy the prizes tucked away for a “special occasion.” We’ve seen plenty of photos of some really hard-to-get labels. Think Partagas “Series D” and the mythical Cohiba Behike. Consider, as well, standard-bearers like Fuente Opus X. These smokes are proudly making the rounds like trophy fish on the docks of Cabo San Lucas!


Mind Your Manners While Social Distancing

If you usually smoke at a lounge or club and are now relegated to smoking at home, remember, not EVERYONE shares the same gusto for that Robusto as you do! Riding around on your John Deere and puffing away to your heart’s delight shouldn’t be a problem. But, creating a whiteout in your family room while everyone else binge-watches “Breaking Bad” or “The Sopranos” could be problematic! And as always, mind your ash! That $20 Padron you splurged on could end up costing a heck of a lot more when you are replacing a love seat or sofa!


Keep Calm and Smoke On

These can be trying times. Even with uncertainty, cramped quarters, and the other obstacles we face. Allow yourself that peaceful hour (or two) to reflect on the important things in life like good friends and family. Know that a sense of normalcy will eventually return. Until then, Keep Calm and Smoke On!


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