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Cigar Fan Tom Cruise is in Cruise Control

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It’s been almost 35 years since Top Gun was released. Its release catapulted cigar fan and actor, Tom Cruise to the upper echelons of legendary Hollywood film stars. Cruise’s latest work, Top Gun: Maverick, is set for release in early 2021. It promises to take the story about naval combat aviators to a whole new level. That vapor trail behind the Super Hornet flown by the actor might be smoke from one of his favorite cigars.

Work Hard, Play Hard

When certain actors achieve the level of “legend” in Hollywood, they are contented to rest on their laurels and handoff as much of the work they can to stunt doubles and underlings. Not Tom Cruise. At 58 years old, this action hero is showing no signs of slowing down. Much to the chagrin of studio agencies, he insists on doing the majority of his own stunts. He has cheated death several times in the Mission Impossible franchise.

Cigars are not Props for a Cigar Fan Like Tom Cruise

Art imitates life for Tom Cruise. In fact, several films featured him smoking cigars. In Rain Man and Risky Business, he is frequently seen smoking cigarettes but absolutely loathes them in real life. When he filmed Jerry McGuire, he was so infatuated with smoking cigars that he demanded scenes were shot at the famed cigar lounge, Grand Havana Room in L.A., to accommodate his smoking enjoyment.

Sharing is Caring for Cigar Fans

While filming Eyes Wide Shut, and throughout his marriage to Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise was notorious in Hollywood for his generosity when it came to cigars. He kept an ample supply of cigars on the set which he shared with co-stars and staff. He also sent gifts to other actors and actresses that he wanted to work with as a kind gesture. For Demi Moore’s birthday, he and Nicole Kidman gifted her a beautiful travel humidor filled with an array of trophy Cubans knowing her (and husband Bruce Willis’) love of cigars and their life on the road.

Tom Cruise is Taking a Breather

Since converting to Scientology, Tom Cruise has not been seen smoking cigars in public. Although, the rumor is it is one vice he is unwilling to overlook. In fact, Cruise, along with Scientology leader and fellow cigar fan, David Miscavige, have long been seen enjoying treasured aged Cubans together.

Miscavige has one of the most enviable humidors in all of Hollywood. Tom Cruise has a personal humidor stocked with some of Cuba’s best including; Montecristo Number 2, Partagas Series D, and Cohiba Behike. If he has slowed down from his once-a-day cigar routine, it is due to his intense focus on work, which entails a strict diet and workout routine.

The Champ Remains Humble

As a multi-time Oscar-nominated actor and one of the biggest box office draws for decades, it would be easy for all of the success to make him unapproachable. Instead, Tom Cruise is constantly praised by his costars for his work ethic and drive on the set, as well as his generosity towards his fellow actors.

Perhaps the occasional cigar is available to help keep this Top Gun grounded and focused. Better yet, perhaps there is the occasional victory cigar for successfully completing another death-defying stunt which is what continues to keep his theater audiences on the edge of their seats!


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