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Cars and Cigars: Smoking on the Open Road

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Have you ever considered how much time you spend in your car? Whether you’re commuting for work or driving for pleasure, a car can easily feel like a second home at times. If you’re content to puff away on your panatella at home, why not cherish a Churchill on the road? Pairing cars and cigars might mean that smoke lingers, leaving a bit of an odor, but, it’s not as bad as cigarettes. White vinegar and baking soda are both known to reduce any lingering effects. That’s especially true when you combine them with any store-bought, odor-eliminating sprays.


Cruising the Pacific Coast Highway With A Cigar

How many of us have dreamed of making the drive along the California coastline from San Diego to San Francisco? Or even going the entire way to Seattle? It’s an epic trip perfectly suited for mindfulness and contemplation. What better companion could you ask for than a favorite cigar to smoke along the way?

Plan a stop in Point Reyes. Then, take a break to indulge in the famed blue cheese or oysters from the Hog Island Oyster Company.  After a great meal, find a quiet spot to sit by the sea. Let the salty air blow away the smoke rings from your favorite trophy cigar. There are many wonderfully scenic opportunities ranging from the majestic Redwood forest to the breathtaking shoreline. You may just need to pack several cigars in order to experience it all!


Look Forward to Rush Hour

Unfortunately, for many of us, the closest we will ever come to an epic cars and cigars road trip is the one we make every day coming home from work. If you live near any metropolitan area, you know that ride could take an hour or more at quitting time.

Instead of dreading the ride, why not look forward to it? Throwdown your windows, throw on your favorite music and light up your favorite stogie. Since you know how long the commute is, plan an appropriate cigar for the ride. Hopefully, that trip is only a Petit Corona; if it’s worthy of a Gordo, you have our sympathies! Use that time to get rid of stress and turn it into an enjoyable event.


Classic Cars and Cigars

Across the country, there are countless, classic cars and cigars night events, where people can showcase two of their favorite passions. America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington is a big-time, annual event featuring sponsorship from Montecristo cigars and Balvenie scotch.

It’s a celebration of the good life and offers a rare peek at some of the greatest cars in automotive history. The evening is filled with music, dancing, food, and the love of great cigars. Cars and cigars are inextricably linked and always celebrated. 


Cars and Cigars Are The Perfect Travel Companions

Some of the most extreme enthusiasts of cars and cigars have built-in humidors in their consoles so they are never separated from their favorite smoke. Whether enjoying a cigar while behind the wheel or pulling over to a particularly scenic location to sit back and savor an impromptu smoke, remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination!

Don’t worry too much about any lingering odor. Smells will fade, but the memory of the ride doesn’t have to. If you are that worried, keep those windows rolled down. Better yet? Get a convertible! 


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