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Tobacco Business Interviews Dave Arlinghaus

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There are few things more thrilling than seeing your name in print. Well, except kicking back with your favorite smoke. Yet, here we are delivering some exciting news. Tobacco Business magazine featured a 4-page interview with Cigar Life Guy, Dave Arlinghaus. Actually, it’s a fantastic 4-page interview from the May/June issue that we highly recommend you check out. The interview is a tell-all of the Cigar Life Guy story and how the business works. It also highlights how we delight cigar smokers with huge savings on life insurance.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that when it comes to smoking cigars and buying life insurance, your life insurance rates often cost more for smokers — even if it’s an occasional Montecristo. However, this feature in Tobacco Business magazine gives a shout-out to cigar smokers across the nation that there is a better way to buy life insurance, and Cigar Life Guy, Dave Arlinghaus can show you how, but the interview didn’t stop there. It covers some of the intricacies of the business of life insurance for cigar smokers and why we do what we do.

Life insurance is one of those things that’s important to have, but no one should be penalized for puffing on the occasional Gordo or wrapping your lips around a Macanudo or Arturo Fuente. So, today we celebrate Cigar Life Guy’s interview in Tobacco Business. We encourage you to check out the full interview linked below.


PDF version

Link to article (begins on page 28).

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