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Jennifer Lopez Loves Cigars, Too!

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Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to a good smoke. And, when it comes to smoking sticks, Jennifer Lopez loves cigars. In fact, she’s been smoking cigars since she first appeared on our television screens back in the early 90s. Then, she was a Fly Girl on “In Living Color.” However, try telling her that cigars are a guy thing. If you do, you’re liable to get a dropkick response from her. One this is certain, though, her love of cigars has not slowed her down.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are Smoking!

It doesn’t hurt when you’re a cigar lover whose fiance happens to be power hitter Alex Rodriguez, either. Alex is a well-known cigar aficionado. He told the story about enjoying his favorite cigar at 5 a.m. with several other New York Yankees. It happened outside of a pizza shop the morning after they won the World Series.

Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez are a power couple who’s been photographed frequently smoking their favorite brands. Jennifer Lopez tends to favor Padron. Meanwhile, Alex is quick to point out his love of Hoyo De Monterrey, the first cigar he ever smoked. It was introduced to him by none other than Michael Jordan during a round of golf.

Jennifer Lopez on Cigars and a Healthy Lifestyle

The eternally young Jennifer Lopez remains one of the hardest-working stars in Hollywood. Besides movies and being a judge on a television dance show, she maintains a grueling live concert show in Vegas that is heavy on dancing.

Lopez credits her biggest beauty secret to staying young with getting sleep. “It’s the one thing I won’t allow to be interrupted.” In her most recent film, “Hustlers”, she was forced to endure long hours on the set smoking cigarettes (as part of her character, Ramona). It was a habit that started and ended with the movie. She likes her cigars and refused to let the cigarettes become a bad habit!

Jennifer Lopez’s Island Connection

In the video to the song, “Dinero,” both Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B can be seen living the high life, while liberally enjoying trophy cigars. Although both Bronx, New York natives, Lopez and Cardi B share traditional island routes from their families. Jennifer Lopez’s parents are from Puerto Rico, while Cardi B’s family is from Trinidad and the Dominican Republic.

Both singers made it clear that the cigars were not simply part of the video as props. “Cigars are a part of the Latino blood. It’s what families do together after big meals.” The two divas shared plenty of cigars on and off the set!

Still Jenny From the Block

Jennifer Lopez spends ample time traveling. She has homes in Miami. She performs at Vegas stage shows. When she has a little extra time, she also enjoys spending time with friends back in the Bronx. Wherever her travels take her, Lopez never leaves home with a humidor packed with her favorite Padrons. And, she always shares a few with her friends along the way. Sharing a cigar with friends, after all, is one of the best things about spending uninterrupted time together.

Despite her crazy schedule, Lopez enjoys the relaxing benefits of a good cigar. It allows you to stop for a few brief moments and take in the simple pleasures of life before returning to the hustle of the day. Any cigar lover can agree with that.


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