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Lone Wolf Cigars and Chuck Norris

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Chuck Norris and Lone Wolf Cigars go hand in hand. It’s not hard to figure out why when considering the man behind the brand. They say Chuck Norris could make an onion cry. Some believe he can unscramble an egg simply by looking at it. Others believe that beneath that his beard is not a chin, but a clenched fist. It seems that the Legend of Carlos “Chuck” Norris is deeply woven into our national identity. As a martial artist, action star, and anti-drug activist, Norris has served as a multi-generational role model for many.
With such a reputation, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that Chuck is a bit of a cigar lifestyle enthusiast. It is not difficult to imagine him with a lit stogie between his lips as the sun sets on his expansive Texas ranch, after a hard day of pretending crime-fighting. What is surprising is that the Texas Ranger himself once decided to take his smoking passion to the next level by starting his very own cigar brand.

Lone Wolf Cigars: Quick History

Born in 1996, Lone Wolf Cigars was a part passion project and part business opportunity for Norris. The brand appeared as Norris was reaching new levels of popularity on the small screen. He teamed up with his Hollywood buddy Jim Belushi (and a few high-dollar investors). From there, Norris established the brand to create capital for his burgeoning “Kick Drugs Out of America” organization.
Norris explained how Lone Wolf Cigars was born. Apparently, they were named after his 1983 action hero of the same name.
“We all went down to the Dominican Republic and they asked us what kind of cigars we wanted. I said that I wanted a very mellow cigar. I didn’t want a cigar that was going to burn my throat. Jim said he wanted a cigar that would, in effect, blow his head off. So we have different blends of our cigars that go from mellow to strong.” — Chuck Norris in a 1998 interview with Cigar Aficionado.
Norris and Belushi may have had disagreements about what exactly makes up a fine cigar. Yet, they agreed on one thing: Lone Wolf Cigars would be for everyone, as opposed to only for the super-rich. From the get-go, the more affordable price point made these sticks a popular option for the common smoker.

Smoking a Lone Wolf Cigar

While Norris and Belushi sold their share of the company in 2001, Lone Wolf Cigar Company is still alive and well. The brand has a Los Angeles-based cigar lounge. A few branded Dominican-made stogies are also still available on the mass market.
There’s the Wolfpack Churchill. There’s also the Wolfpack Torpedo, a sizable seven-inch stogie with a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke, that packs a bit more of a punch. Both sticks are wrapped in Colorado Maduro leaf for the perfect amount of sweetness. But, some limited Sun Grown-wrapped varieties are released every now and then. The mild flavor and quick-smoking fill make these a versatile stick for any occasion. But, the biggest appeal of Lone Wolf Cigars is no doubt the price. They come in around two bucks a stick when ordered by the bundle.

So what kind of cigars does Chuck Norris Smoke these days? If we had to speculate, we would say, whatever kind he wants.


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  • Franklin Gerechter

    Having been a member of the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in LA for over 5 years, I can vouch the place is alive and kicking with a great group of folks smoking away.
    Never have seen Chuck or Jim there but it’s still a happening place with actors and just plain dudes hanging and chatting.

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