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Cigar Journal Features Cigar Life Guy

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It’s great getting your name and your brand noticed, especially in print. But, what’s better is when that notoriety places your goals — helping fellow cigar smokers, in front of the very readers you aim to please.
That’s what happened when Cigar Journal contacted Dave Arlinghaus of Cigar Life Guy for the inside scoop.

Cigar Journal Contacts Cigar Life Guy

Cigar Journal is a leading international publication in its 20th year of publication. It focuses on all things cigars, including the cigar community. So, when the folks at the journal contacted us to find out more, how could we decline? Arlinghaus, a life insurance broker for cigar smokers and founder of Cigar Life Guy, was happy to oblige. After all, finding the best life insurance rates for cigar smokers is what he does and all things cigars are his pleasure.

The Inside Scoop on the Article

The article focuses on Cigar Life Guy’s innovative life insurance brokerage and how it’s helping many regular cigar smokers get non-tobacco rates on life insurance. The truth is, not every life insurance policy works best for cigar smokers. That’s because most count cigar smoking as equal to cigarette smoking. But that’s not true for your average cigar smoker and Cigar Life Guy knows this. So, he scours the policies out there with a fine-toothed comb to find ones that best align with your smoking habits.
This generally adds up to a ton of savings, which is good news for cigar smokers. The cost for participants in this program is usually about 70% less than the cost of life insurance at “smoker” rates! You can learn more about the program here.

The Final Word

If you want to know more, be sure to check out the current issue of Cigar Journal. The article appears in the print edition. A glimpse of the article and cover is pictured below (copyright Cigar Journal).  You can also grab a copy at your local newsstand or cigar shop today!

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