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Arnold Schwarzenegger Loves Cigars

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Some people are not content to sit on their laurels. Michael Jordan was light years ahead of anyone else in basketball and pushed himself to be a two-sport professional athlete by playing baseball. Former athletes Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, have parlayed their athletic prowess into substantial careers in film. Nobody has equaled the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rose from the pinnacle of weightlifting as Mr. Universe, became one of the highest-grossing movie stars of all time, and governor of California.

The American Dream

Arnold Schwarzenegger epitomizes the American dream. What could be more American than celebrating his numerous achievements with a fine cigar? Arnold is a well-known cigar enthusiast going back decades.

During his run as Mr. Universe in the 1970s, the health-conscious Arnold was offered a cigar by his father-in-law. He’s joked, “There’s no better way to get your wife to approve of your smoking when you can say her father wouldn’t have introduced me to something that’s bad!” That fifty-year love affair with cigars is still going strong!

Action Hero

Cigars have been much more than just a prop for Arnold. It’s almost impossible to find a movie where he isn’t smoking a cigar. The opening credits of “Predator” set the tone for the whole movie, as a steely-eyed Arnold makes a dramatic entrance in a helicopter, and the cigar and his billowing plumes of smoke are prominently featured.

The character of Mr. Freeze in “Batman and Robin” wouldn’t be complete if he wasn’t smoking a frozen (yet still functional) cigar. In “The Expendables” franchise, his cigars could have garnered a cameo mention when they rolled credits. Every movie role shows the versatility of his smoking; menacing and authoritative, to contemplative and relaxed.

Smoke Like Mr. Universe

It’s not just his onscreen persona that enjoys those cigars. Off-screen, Arnold is legendary for sharing smokes with his fellow actors and crew. Ever the comedian, he has been known to plant a fake exploding cigar among the ones he gives out, to ensure that people don’t take advantage of his generosity. Former “Predator,” co-star Carl Weathers, hated Arnold’s constant smoking between scenes. Arnold explained that it helped keep him calm and focused.

Over the next few weeks of filming, Weathers asked Arnold for a cigar to simply roll around in his mouth to calm down. Then he eventually lit one. By the end of the movie, he was having boxes of Ashtons flown in! He has also converted “Twins” co-star Danny DeVito. It’s hard to turn down the Governator!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Packs a Punch

Arnold is not shy about his smoking and claims to smoke 1-2 cigars a day. Unlike most actors, he is known to be able to distinguish between different Cuban tobaccos, expresses his love of all cigars. He is known to favor Punch Punch for after-dinner smoking. Cohiba Cubans are his favorites by far, often having had them flown in while filming. He took Jimmy Fallon to school for embarrassing him at the Havana Club when Fallon destroyed a Cohiba Behike by licking it like a lollipop and then coughing all night. If what he says is true, that cigars keep him calm and focused, nobody should get between the Terminator and his cigars!


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