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Terry Bradshaw Legit Loves His Prized Cigars!

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Terry Bradshaw has been the face of the NFL for almost forty years; first, as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, then as a commentator and welcome studio sidekick. When he’s not in the studio, you can find him hard at work doing commercials or movies, playing the role of the lovable oaf, and laughing all the way to the bank. Along the way, he frequently pauses to enjoy prized cigars.

Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback

Some players would have bristled at the idea of being labeled, ”too stupid” to call their own plays. Bradshaw, however, has turned it into his own brand. It all stemmed from his crazy scheme to intentionally tank a college entrance exam required by the University of Louisiana. He wanted to play for Louisiana Tech instead, hoping to thrive in a smaller, less competitive program. The rest, as they say, is history. Terry went on to win four Super Bowl Championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s.

Terry Bradshaw Takes Command

Bradshaw’s heroics on the field were legendary. His command of his teammates, and the respect he earned made for a smooth transition to the commentator booth. Even his down-home demeanor, vast knowledge of statistics, and tireless work ethic contributed to his off-field success. And, his love of the game resonated with fans and players alike. Bonding with players or his fellow analysts after the game often involves a cigar.

All in the Family Smoking

Terry Bradshaw’s father and grandfather always enjoyed cigars. In fact, ‘devoured’ might be a better description. They were both “chewers;” an old farm habit of chewing, rather than smoking the King Edwards cigars they enjoyed.

Terry occasionally falls into the old family habit of chewing, but his taste in cigars has changed ever since “Mr. Rooney” gave him his first trophy cigar. Mr. Rooney owned the Pittsburgh Steelers and had a prized humidor full of Cubans and other trophy cigars in his office. A cigar from the team’s owner was the best reward you could get, after a Super Bowl ring!

Flashy Clothes; Mild Prized Cigars

Like his taste in clothing for his on-air appearances, his taste in prized cigars tends to run towards the higher end. While his clothing may be flashy, his cigars are typically rather mild and as smooth as he can get them. He is partial towards Griffins, and Connecticut shade-wrapped cigars made by Davidoff. Following Mr. Rooney’s example, he is extremely generous with his cigars, typically buying three boxes a month during football season, and giving away two of them to friends and staff at his favorite lounges.

The Champ Remains Humble

Despite the heights he has reached on and off-field, he remains incredibly humble. He has been candid lamenting his lack of family time due to the rigors of the grueling road schedule once football season gets into full swing. While he is listed among some of football’s greatest players, he doesn’t linger on the past, and his endless victory cigars and celebrations with Franco Harris and Lynn Swann.

These days he is more content to share cigars with the guys who prep him for his studio appearances. He’s at his happiest with his family on his country ranch in Roanoke, Virginia raising prized quarter horses, and trying to properly enjoy his prized cigars without chewing them!


Photo Credit: Associated Press

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