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Smoking Fine Cigars and Seinfeld

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When it comes to television shows, there are few that reach iconic status, like Seinfeld. From 1989 to 1998, Seinfeld captivated audiences as a “show about nothing”. Yet, it somehow managed to touch everyday existence. One of the common threads that wove through many episodes was the cast’s relationship with cigars. Whole episodes centered around the theme of cigars. For many of these celebrities, the love of smoking fine cigars was more than a matter of art imitating life.


Art Imitates Life

It’s easy to see why so many episodes of the beloved sitcom featured cigars. Co-creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are both avid cigar aficionados. Julia Louis Dreyfus and her acting husband Brad Hall bragged about having a humidor at home, long before it became cool to smoke.  

During the taping of the show, cigars were often enjoyed offset, especially when the episode featured them in the plotline. Fast-forward to post-Seinfeld projects. You’ll see Larry David smoking sticks in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Jerry Seinfeld also did an episode with Steve Harvey, another true cigar aficionado. That was in the episode, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” In this episode, the two sat in a Chicago cigar lounge enjoying a couple of good sticks.


Seinfeld Episodes and Cigars

In Seinfeld, sometimes cigars were used as comedic props. For example, an episode when Elaine can’t seem to stay away from her old boyfriend. Elaine places a bet with Jerry on how long she can stay away from her former boyfriend. Then, she repeatedly returns to the apartment to pay Jerry for her lost bet. Meanwhile, she’s puffing away on a cigar and cackling. Elaine was also featured smoking fine cigars in several episodes.

In one episode, she takes over the Peterman Catalogue Company. In this episode, you’ll see Elaine perform an impersonation of J. Jonah Jameson Jr., the fictional character who hosts the Daily Bugle in the “Spiderman” movies. Elaine sits at her desk with her feet propped up. She berates Jerry over the phone while she chomps on a cigar.

Then, we arrive at another episode. This time, Jerry is preparing for George’s approaching wedding. What better way to prepare for the big day than with a box of Cubans, right? Unfortunately for Jerry, the sticks he buys are counterfeits. He and Elaine sit on a couch complaining as they smoke them while Elaine tries to make sense of why counterfeit cigars are awful. Jerry compares it to “trying to smoke a chicken bone.”


Kramer and Cuban Cigars.

In the end, Kramer was the key to entire episodes about cigars. He wanted to create a proper smoking lounge in his apartment for everyone not allowed to smoke in public restaurants. The consequences of his decision were legendary. He ends up smoking so much, that his face became the consistency of “an old baseball mitt”. He eventually sues “big tobacco” for losing his “twinkle”.

In another episode, Kramer attempts to pass off three Dominican gentlemen as genuine Cuban cigar rollers. His goal with this is to become a domestic cigar magnate. Instead, they end up getting jobs rolling crepes at a diner. One of the most memorable episodes is when George’s future father-in-law’s cabin burns down because of the Cuban cigars Kramer smokes.


That’s a Wrap

It’s obvious that the cast and directors of Seinfeld all love and bond over smoking fine cigars. So, it would have been impossible for cigars to not become minor stars of the show in their own right. Today, when the same cast gets together at award shows, they are all celebrating with cigars. The friendship and bonds that began decades ago are still celebrated by the cast today!
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