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Samuel L. Jackson Knows His Cigars

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Try to name a Hollywood blockbuster that Samuel L. Jackson HASN’T appeared in! It’s an impossible task. When you talk about the hardest working men in showbiz, several names come to mind. Very few can actually match the body of work that Samuel L. Jackson has put together since bursting onto the scene in his first film, Together for Days in 1972. Fifty years later, he’s showing no signs of stopping and he’s still smoking on his favorite full-bodied cigars among others.

Samuel L. Jackson Dominates the Big Screen

Samuel L. Jackson has become a fixture on both the small and big screens. Whether doing Capital One commercials or in any variation of comic book movie, he’s out there! Just like in real life, when it comes to the big screen, odds are pretty good you will find him smoking something. Samuel L. Jackson has been smoking cigars religiously for years, having made the transition from cigarettes. It doesn’t hurt that many of his co-stars have been avid cigar smokers as well!

Full-Bodied Cigars on the Big Screen?

You know the times have changed when in Jurassic Park, Jackson plays a scientist who is seen smoking a cigarette while he worked. Less than three years later, he played a boxing promoter (loosely based on cigar aficionado Don King) with a cigar as a fixture. He enjoys a cigar and cognac in Django Unchained. However, a trophy cigar is most definitely not a prop for the man who is the highest-grossing actor of all time at almost $6 Billion in Box Office receipts.

Full-Bodied Cigars or Big Ring Gauge?

When you reach that level of success, you can afford to have more than a few trophy cigars in your humidor. Just like some of his wild fashion choices, Samuel L. Jackson is not afraid to make a splash with a big ring gauge cigar. Cuban trophy cigars like Cohiba Behikes and Romeo and Julieta Gran Churchills have been favorites. However, he is not married to any single brand, having been photographed smoking Montecristos, Davidoffs, and Rocky Patels. He is not shy about full-bodied cigars either, often favoring rich, oily Maduros.

Samuel L. Jackson has Some Great Friends

Cigar lovers tend to travel in packs. It doesn’t hurt when your fellow cigar lovers happen to be work colleagues. Playing Nick Fury in the Avengers movies means being on set with cigar lovers Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, among others. There are stories about legendary smoke outs after shooting, as well as trying to steal each other’s trophy cigars while busy filming. On the golf course, he has frequently been seen playing and smoking Cuban cigars through rounds with none other than Michael Jordan. Clearly, it’s good to be friends with Samuel L. Jackson.

You Can’t Stop Nick Fury

As he enters his fifth decade of acting, Samuel L. Jackson is showing no signs of slowing down. The Nick Fury origin story is in the works, and there is talk of doing a sequel to the cult classic, Snakes on a Plane. He also always remains a favored muse for Quentin Tarantino. His role in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction got him his only Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor. Thankful for the financial rewards, he has made no bones about his desire to be recognized for the quality of his work as well. Hopefully, he has the proper victory cigar set aside for his Oscar acceptance speech.


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