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Chris Pratt is a Guardian of the Cigars Galaxy!

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If there was a Hollywood blockbuster chronicling the rise of actors who began as waiters, Chris Pratt would have a starring role. As a college dropout waiting tables in Hawaii, a director shooting a low-budget film discovered Pratt. This led to a featured role on “Everwood,” followed by “The O.C.” The rest, as they say, is cigars and Hollywood history.

Chris Pratt Makes the Leap to the Big Screen

His role as a lovable loser on Parks and Recreation showcased his comedic talents and was lauded by audiences. His range: the ability to play a SEAL Team member in Zero Dark Thirty, or a baseball player for the Oakland A’s, helped solidify him as leading man material. Once fellow cigar aficionado and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn noticed, Chris Pratt entered the stratosphere.

Chris Pratt is a Super Hero

Getting himself into shape to play a Hollywood blockbuster superhero involved a vigorous exercise regimen and diet. As a former cigarette smoker, Pratt had to kick the habit which caused weight fluctuations. While filming Guardians of the Galaxy in London with Gunn, Pratt was introduced to cigars, and a love affair blossomed. It started over small “breakfast” cigars by La Flor de Cano.

Cigars on the Set

Pratt occasionally smoked the little cigars while filming, which was illegal. Ever as the “star warrior” rebel, he promised he would “put them out if the cops came.” Over the years, he developed a taste for a range of cigars. He counts Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and Hoya de Monterrey Epicure No 2 among his favorites.

Pratt maintains a modest humidor of trophy cigars at his home in Washington state. Pratt loves cigars because they are a commitment and take time to enjoy. When smoking, he is either engaged in a conversation with someone or deep in thought. He prefers quality over quantity, so his cigars are always top-notch.

Chris Pratt Would Rather be Fishing

Having achieved status as one of Hollywood’s top leading men, Pratt recognizes how lucky and fleeting the experience can be. He used to believe being a successful actor meant having all his bills paid, and never having to wait tables again. He could now spend his free time fishing. His dream would be catching a world record bass while enjoying a cigar. Better yet, he’d love his son to become a professional fisherman, and he would sponsor him.

Cigars and Fathers

Chris Pratt sees being a father as the most important role he has ever played. He has strict rules about smoking around his son. He will let his son make his own choice and never force it on him. Much like his role in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, he understands the complications of father-son relationships. Mixing fishing and cigars with his son is a dream, but he doesn’t want to be a bad role model either.

His manners and work ethic as a dad on the set is what makes him one of the most sought-after actors. Pratt’s fellow actors know him for his generosity on the set with cigars. Yet, he also engages in charitable work with children’s foundations, which he keeps under the radar so he can spend quality time with kids. For these reasons and more, Chris Pratt is a true superhero!


Photo Credit: Chris Pratt

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