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Robert Downey Jr. Brings Cigars Into Focus!

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Everybody loves a good comeback story in Hollywood, and Robert Downey Jr. may be one of the best. From his beginnings as one of Hollywood’s original “Brat Pack” appearing in classic 80s films like Less Than Zero and The Pick-Up Artist, to the lead in the Iron Man and Avengers movies, Robert Downey Jr. has seen his career soar to the moon and back. His love of cigars and travel humidors are part of what keeps Iron Man red hot!

Iron Man Knows How to Smoke

The Avengers and Iron Man series have accumulated massive numbers. In fact, no blockbuster franchise in Hollywood history has come as close. As the wisecracking Tony Stark, Downey Jr. often enjoys a cigar on screen. There are even pictures of Robert Downey Jr. lighting a cigar while in his full Iron Man suit with the mask opened so he can enjoy it between takes. A good friend and fellow Avenger, Don Cheadle (War Machine) is also an avid smoker and has a friendly rivalry with Downey Jr. when it comes to comparing travel humidors while on the road filming.

Tony Starks Loves his Travel Humidors

By no means shy about his love of cigars, he has been spotted on numerous occasions carrying what people initially thought was a lunchbox on the various sets. It has turned out to be an Xtreme Cigar caddy. Robert Downey Jr. likes to keep a handful of trophy cigars on him at all times. He has been known to open up and “share his lunch” with his close friends but never shows everything that’s in the caddy.

Robert Downey Jr. Makes the Transition

In the early part of his career, Robert Downey Jr. frequently smoked cigarettes. He entered a transitional point in his life when he turned his focus on his health. Cigarettes were dropped in favor of diet and exercise. Cigars were an acceptable substitution, having developed an affinity after smoking them onscreen in his Best Actor nominated role for Chaplin. In his other Oscar-nominated role as a Best Supporting Actor in Tropic Thunder, he is seen with a perpetual scowl and chomping on a cigar throughout the film.

Cuban Cigars and the Thrill of the Chase!

His good friend and former Brat Packer, Rob Lowe has been smoking cigars long before him and was instrumental in turning Downey Jr. on to Cubans. They have joked it was the “thrill of the chase,” back in the day. He made numerous attempts to attain Cuban cigars while they were illegal. Downey Jr. typically favors Gurkha Grand Reserve and Montecristo Number 2, while Rob Lowe has an affinity for any Cuban cigar that has been well kept, especially Romeo and Julieta’s.

Future-Focused with Travel Humidors

Today, Robert Downey Jr. does not have to worry about chasing down trophy cigars. He maintains several humidors at his home, as well as travel humidors for on-set shoots. Many actors entering their fourth decade of acting, are either content to sit back and relax or are forced to keep churning out films to maintain a certain lifestyle. Robert Downey Jr. has the luxury to choose what projects he wants. His focus is his production company and, a gritty, noir Perry Mason reboot that has been lauded on HBO. And, you’ll find cigars prominently featured.


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