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LeBron James Knows About Winning and Cigars

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When it comes to winning and cigars, there are legends and those who have earned the right to be called a king. LeBron James is definitely one of them. At 6-foot-8-inches and 250 pounds, he is built like a king. He also has a fine collection of NBA Championship rings befitting of royalty. LeBron James displays swagger on and off the court; even more so when he is enjoying one of his favorite cigars.

The Tradition of Winning and Cigars

The internet is full of iconic images of athletes celebrating major victories with a cigar. Babe Ruth occasionally showed up at the home plate with a cigar in his mouth. The Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey team caused a stir after they posed with cigars and the gold medal. Hall of Fame Basketball coach, Red Auerbach, was such a fan of the victory cigar that he often lit one up during a game when his Celtics were winning.

The King and his Court

Unlike basketball legend and fellow cigar lover Michael Jordan, LeBron James is not shy about smoking cigars in public. Although you can catch a glimpse of Jordan on the golf course casually smoking, James differs. Instead, James often takes to social media enjoying a Cuban cigar and puffing away with friends. One viral video from a birthday party shows James sitting with Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and other non-teammates with a humidor on the table, lighting cigars. It’s a great scene of off-the-court friendship over cigars with on-court rivals.

Even LeBron Can Throw up a Brick

Sometimes social media can blow up on your face. In another video where King James is enjoying a cigar that is holding four-inch ash, he posts the word “Officiatio.” It was intended to mean, “Aficionado.”

LeBron James can throw up an airball now and then. Most folks remember the image of James walking into the press conference after the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first championship. He had a net around his neck, a massive Yaxel Ortiz Torpedo, and a bottle of rose champagne. The king knows how to celebrate in style!

Winning and Cigars Fit for a King

When Miami lost to the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, James watched Mark Cuban, the Mavericks owner, fly home with a championship trophy on the seat and a cigar in hand. Winning and cigars were part of the lifestyle he wanted.

Fellow Miami Heat players Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh were also big cigar fans and introduced James to Camachos. James made no attempt to hide his love of big ring-gauged Cubans like the H Upmann Magnum 50 and Cohiba Behike. Yet, you can sometimes spot him smoking Rocky Patel Javas and Drew Estates Acids. His taste is eclectic and broad, and perfectly fitting for a king.

Long Live the King

Bill Russell holds the record for NBA championships with 11, but LeBron James is climbing that ladder but expands his talents outside the court as well. In fact, James has also dabbled in acting, having appeared in the comedies Trainwreck and Smallfoot. Keeping an eye on the future, James launched the SpringHill Entertainment Company. It’s a production company that debuted its first documentary on Netflix.

Yet, let’s not stop there because when you’re a firm believer in winning and cigars, there’s always so much more to the story. The same is true of James, who has also been a strong voice in the battles against racism and political injustice. That leads many to wonder whether he may also have political aspirations. Regardless of what the future holds, it’s a safe bet that LeBron James will gladly embrace it with a massive cigar and a winning personality!

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