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Cam Newton’s Cigar Club: From Football to Great Smokes

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re are few things competitive athletes love more than a victory cigar. Sometimes, you need a consolation cigar after a particularly tough loss. When Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, Newton turned to cigars for relaxation. Some folks embrace a hobby; Cam Newton turned his love of cigars into a business — the ultimate cigar club, to be exact.

Love Your Cigar Club

Cam Newton established the intimate lounge and restaurant, “Fellaship” in Atlanta, near the Mercedes–Benz Stadium. Never content to settle for the status quo, Newton set out to build a gastronomic experience complete with food, wine, and cigar pairings. Newton recognized there was more to smoking a cigar. So, he enlisted top chefs to find unique food and wine pairings, and specialty cocktails designed to enhance the cigar experience.

Cam Newton Knows About Winning

Newton was the first player chosen in the 2011 draft, following up to his Heisman Trophy-winning season at Auburn. Back then, Auburn was in complete control in 2010, winning the BCS National Championship after an undefeated season. Since joining the NFL, Newton has earned multiple Pro Bowl nominations and set the league record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback. This earned him the nickname, Superman. The 2015 MVP Award is bittersweet; Newton wanted the Super Bowl ring to go with it.

Cigar Club Smoking Tradition

For Newton, the lounge is a therapeutic refuge with a speakeasy vibe where friends can unwind, reflect, and truly socialize. One of those friends was Michael Jordan, who gave Newton one of his first cigars ever. The image of Jordan smoking a victory cigar after the NBA championship stuck with him. So, Newton wanted a place that celebrated traditions. He also wanted a cool lounge where women smokers could be just as comfortable smoking as the men. Newton designed the lounge for cigar smokers to avoid losing themselves in a rushed world. Newton knows about rushing and you can’t rush a cigar.

Cam Newton’s Sense of Style

Cam Newton’s outrageous outfits and attention to detail from his numerous postgame press conferences don’t go unnoticed. That same attention to style is exhibited in the lounge. However, Newton differs from other athletes who attach their names to something and walk away. Instead, Newton approved every decision regarding design from color schemes and furniture to the artwork featured by local artists. This extends to the extensive, eclectic cigar club collection. He wanted it to reflect the range of cigars he favored a solid mix of high-end trophies and many sought-after brands like Liga Privada and Fuente Opus X. His lounge features boutique brands from up-and-coming cigar companies as well.

Maintaining His Balance

Newton is one of the most giving athletes out there. The Cam Newton Foundation has donated significant time and money to children’s causes, including frequent surprise visits to kid’s hospitals. He understands that cigars are something to be enjoyed in moderation. While cigars are definitely better than cigarettes, which he never smoked, Newton is cognizant about making sure kids are aware of this as well. Part of the goal of his lounge includes hosting events to raise funds for various community and foundation initiatives. So, this proves that Cam Newton lives up to the nickname, Superman.


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