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5 Guests Who Shared a Cigar on Joe Rogan Podcast

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In the cigar lifestyle, you’ll find yourself sharing stories over a cigar as Joe Rogan does on his podcast. Just sit back, light one up, and let the stories flow. You listen, take a couple of puffs, then add a little bit to the discussion. You can do this with anyone: a close friend or a stranger you met at the cigar lounge. You’ll find Joe Rogan does that every now and then with his guests. He’ll invite a friend or a new guest over and have a long conversation over a cigar (and occasionally some bourbon).

Here are five guests that shared interesting and unique stories over a cigar with Joe Rogan.

Bill Burr (Episode #1491)

In this episode, you’ll find Joe smoking a Partagas and Bill a La Aurora. Both guys have a background in comedy and have known each other for years. It so happens that Bill Burr recently had a kid, and his birthday was the previous day. Like a good old friend in the cigar lifestyle, Joe Rogan decides to bring out the special cigars and celebrate the good news. They discuss many topics such as current events, old stories, and share a bunch of jokes. Something you’ll also find yourself doing when you embark on the cigar lifestyle.

Alex Jones (Episode #1555)

The controversial conspiracy theorist is one of the most popular guests on the show. Episode #1555 happens to have over 19 million views as of June 2021. These two guys have known each other for many years and happen to be good friends. In this episode, you’ll find Joe Rogan enjoying a CAO. Alex Jones did not smoke one but didn’t mind Joe having a smoke. Like Joe Rogan in this episode, you’ll often find yourself in situations where you might be the only one smoking a cigar. It’s part of the lifestyle, sometimes you’ll run into folks that don’t smoke but don’t care if you have one. As you’ll see in episode #1555, the flow of the conversation and stories didn’t appear to be interrupted due to Joe’s smoking. If anything, it adds a subtle, yet positive vibe.

Phil Demers (Episode #1590)

Alex Jones and Bill Burr may be close friends with Joe Rogan, but in this episode, this is the first time Joe meets Phil Demers. That didn’t stop Phill and Joe from enjoying a cigar. It goes to show you that you don’t have to enjoy cigars with close friends. Cigars can bring complete strangers together. Just walk into any cigar lounge and you’ll see that common interests (cigars) bring people together.

Rob Lowe (#1522)

Rob Lowe is one of the few “Hollywood” guests that Joe Rogan has had on the podcast. They were discussing going to outer space when suddenly Joe asks:

Joe: Are you sure you don’t do drugs?

Rob: I don’t.

Joe: Do you smoke cigars?

Rob: Hell Yeah… Let’s go… Let’s F***ing go!

What a great dialogue, something you’ll only hear in the cigar lifestyle. You can say no to drugs, and alcohol, but sometimes you can’t pass up on a cigar. These two guys had a very down-to-earth conversation and became best friends as soon as they started smoking cigars. By the end of the show, they ended up arranging a day at the shooting range.

Ron White (#1534)

Another comedian on this list, Ron White. In this episode, you’ll catch both the guys going through a tin of cigarillos. Instead of bourbon, they paired the cigarillos with some of Ron’s tequila. Like two good old buddies sharing a cigar, they discuss UFOs, their careers, and life in general.

The Joe Rogan podcast goes to show you that you can share great stories and of course, enjoy great cigars. Next time Joe Rogan lights a cigar on his podcast, light one up yourself and enjoy the show.


Photo credit: Joe Rogan Experience

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