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Cigar Lounge Membership: Is It a Good Deal?

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Famous comedian and cigar lover Groucho Marx once said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” Yet, with the full benefits packages offered by either a public or private cigar lounge membership for the avid smoker, Groucho might have reconsidered.

Cigar Lounge Membership Benefits

For an annual fee, the best cigar lounges offer a relaxing environment for you to smoke in style. A key feature of most memberships is not paying “cutting fees” to smoke your own cigars (you can bring your own vs. buying from the humidor). Memberships solve the dilemma for retailers that need revenue but also understand many cigar smokers like to enjoy sticks purchased elsewhere. Climate-controlled private lockers allow you to safely store your daily cigars or the rare trophies saved for a special occasion. Lounges have a way of becoming a home away from home. Excellent ventilation systems make them an ideal place to be when it’s too cold to smoke in your own backyard.

How to Enjoy the Cigar Lounge Lifestyle

True aficionados already have a home humidor to safely store their favorite smokes. A membership with a cigar locker means you can pop in and listen to some killer new music or watch a game without leaving a lingering stench in your improperly ventilated home. Perfectly stored cigars mean lighting up is easy, with no concern about dried out or exploded tips. The vibe of the lounge is important; you need to feel comfortable if you are the only person smoking or when the place is packed.

Cigar Lounge Membership Privileges

In addition to perfect storage, most lounges offer significant discounts on retail products including hard-to-find cigars and new releases. Some clubs allow you to store a bottle of cognac or your spirit of choice for sipping or purchase a bottle of liquor at a discounted rate, depending on local regulations. Exclusive invitations to sold-out, cigar-friendly events always go to members first.

Cigar Lounge Friendships

One of the greatest reasons for membership is the ability to interact with other cigar lovers. There is no better way to broaden your smoking palate, than by trading and sharing cigars with other members. Cigar smoking tends to be a very sociable enterprise. Dying to try that new box-pressed cigar? Curious about that trendy European cigarillo? Share what’s in your locker.

What’s in it for the Lounge?

Cigar lounge owners work hard to keep their members happy. Loyal members typically take advantage of the retail discounts, which means the opportunity to expand product offerings to a target-rich audience. Membership fees also create a regular recurring revenue stream for owners and at launch can provide an owner a nice short-term cash flow bump. Happy members invite new members. Nothing begets success like a full club, and celebrity sightings are common. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone among others have lockers in the high-end Grand Havana Room in Los Angeles.

Cigar Lounge Membership Cost

Much like a gym membership, you typically pay monthly. Most memberships are less than a thousand dollars a year with many under five hundred per year, but elite clubs may charge ten times that amount. The cost varies greatly based on local market demand and geography. Like the gym, it only makes sense if you use it. So, location is a key factor.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Deciding if a membership is worth the cost is an individual decision. For many, regular membership pays for itself in a few months, particularly when you visit regularly. If you would like the bring your own cigars (avoiding cut fees) or the establishment allows you to buy liquor at discounted rates, the savings can literally represent one of the best deals a cigar smoker can find. Conversely, if you don’t think you’ll often go to the place, even if it is relatively inexpensive, then it might not be a good deal. You’d be financially ahead by paying full price when you visit. The best advice is to visit a few times and determine if you like the place and whether you could make it a second home before shelling out the membership fee. If you do, then visit often and enjoy!

Editors note: Membership features will vary greatly at every establishment as will costs and billing practices. Some features, including alcohol, are not available in some areas due to local laws. This is meant to provide an overview of what typical memberships might entail. Make sure you understand costs, features, and rules related to a cigar lounge membership before you join.


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