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Why Cigars and Coffee Go Together in the Morning

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In Cuba, the traditional way to start your morning is with a cigar and a strong Cuban espresso. Bar none, cigars and coffee offer one of the best pairings you’ll find with cigars. Simply brew a cup, light your cigar and finish both before you get on with your day. The cigar and coffee go together not just in effect, but as a flavor pairing as well. It’s a great way to get in the right frame of mind before you fire off emails or stretch your limbs for a long day of manual work. It’s also something you can do on a lazy summer weekend morning.

Start Your Day with Cigars and Coffee

Many smokers you meet in the cigar lifestyle prefer a smoke in the evenings. The relaxation effects of smoking are a great way to end your day. Yet, a morning cigar paired with a coffee also offers an enjoyable experience. In the morning, cigars and coffee put you in a reflective mode while also jolting you into action. The smooth combination of nicotine and caffeine picks you up from the morning grogginess. It also gives you a let’s get ready kind of relaxation.

Think about those beautiful early morning days in the summer. There’s usually no one to bother you because everyone’s still slumbering away. It’s you, your cigar, and your coffee. It’s quiet, and it’s the perfect opportunity to organize your thoughts for the day. The perfect combination of cigars and coffee centers you. It lets you ease meditatively into the day without exerting yourself. It’s a quality experience only those in the cigar lifestyle can enjoy. Cigars and coffee are also the breakfast of cigar life champions, but like anything else, you must pair your flavors well.

Cigars and Coffee: The Perfect Flavor Pairing

For many smokers, cigars and coffee are the ultimate flavor pairing. They accentuate and balance each other out. This works because coffee has tobacco flavor notes and tobacco has coffee flavor notes. Both flavor notes are smokey, deep, earthy, and complex with spicy & tangy touches.

The flavors match because coffees are roasted to a specific shade of dark. This provides the coffee with the same heating by-products you get when you burn a cigar. Rich coffee is guaranteed to be full of flavor, bold, and intense. So, the richer the coffee, the better the pairing.

Coffee can go with any cigar due to the complimenting flavor combinations. There’s an endless variety of pairings as there are different types of coffees and cigars. The fun part is figuring out which combinations you enjoy the most. Like cigars, different coffees come from different regions of the world. Since it’s morning, you’ll probably prefer to start with a mild cigar, unless it’s a lazy Sunday morning, then go with a strong Maduro.

Coffee is Non-Alcoholic

Since coffee is non-alcoholic, this makes it perfect for mornings. Coffee is also a more comfortable pairing compared to whiskeys and other aged spirits this time of day. Getting drunk at 9 a.m. is never a great idea unless you’re on vacation.

Whiskey and other spirits pair well with cigars, but whiskey tends to overpower the flavor notes on a cigar. Alternatively, coffee goes with every cigar; whiskey pairings tend to “depend-on-the-type-of-cigar.”

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy coffee. It’s a ritual that new smokers can enjoy as they get introduced to the cigar lifestyle. It’s also a ritual only those in the cigar lifestyle enjoy.


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