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7 Awesome Reasons Why Cigar Life is for You

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The history of Cigar Life

The love of cigars has a long history, and no one is certain of when it began or with whom. What we do know is that the tradition of cigar life and smoking is extensive. Cigar’s history dates back at least a thousand years. Although, it may have been even longer. The earliest cigars differed from what brothers and sisters of leaf smoke today. Cigars were little more than tightly rolled tobacco leaves bundled together. They were thought to have originated with the Mayans back in the tenth century. That’s because a clay jar depicting a man smoking a cigar was found dating to the period. Yet, no one knows for certain who conceptualized rolling up some tobacco leaves and smoking them. But, we’re glad they did.
Fast-forward to today. Cigar smoking is common, available, and enjoyed by all members of modern society. In fact, cigar smoking has grown so popular that cigar life has developed across the globe and online. So, we’ve put together a list of seven awesome ways that prove cigar smoking is for you to enjoy whenever you want. We’ll begin with the wild, wild world of social media.


1. From Social Smoker to Social Media

Cigars and social media are not exactly what comes to mind while puffing on a stick and letting that rich, thick smoke tickle your tongue before you release it. Yet, cigar aficionados have stormed social media. On Facebook alone, there are over 100 different cigar groups. That means there’s a group out there for everyone … and if you can’t find a good fit, it’s easy enough to create your own. Yet, social media isn’t the only way to enjoy cigar life. There are gobs of cigar events nationwide and worldwide.


2. National Cigar Events

National cigar events across the U.S. never stop to amaze us. Every year, you can count your sticks and head over to the nearest event. Or, plan a stop during your vacation and check out cigar events in your area. If you’ve never been to a cigar event, you should try one. Live music, smokes, and excellent camaraderie? You bet! Large events often include premium cigar samples among other things for participants to enjoy. You don’t need to stay local or national to find some great events, though. If you’re thinking of traveling abroad, be sure to check out cigar events in the area you’re traveling to as well. You’ll never know what gems you’ll find until you look.


3. Cigar Events Across the Globe

Finding international cigar events that appeal to you is easier than you think with a good internet connection. Cigar Journal has a list of international cigar events posted on their website. Yet, if you know where your traveling and are looking for something in the area, a simple web search may produce some good results. So, maximize your vacation or travel plans to take one down to the nub.


4. Smoking’ in the Cigar lounge

If you haven’t had a chance to check out a local or not-so-local cigar lounge yet. We encourage you to try them. They are a fantastic way to socialize with good smoke. As a bonus, you’ll find cigar lounges dotted across the U.S. as well as the globe. The trend of cigar lounges is likely to continue to rise if the industry has anything to reflect on it. According to Statista, a market research company, the cigar industry is speaking loud and clear. Cigar consumption is rising across the globe, and the U.S. is at the top of the list with over $9 billion in revenue generated in the U.S. alone for 2019.


5. Cigar History Museums

Cigar lounges are a great place to kick back, relax, nub a stick and enjoy the camaraderie that follows. Yet, cigars have a rich history that spans the globe. Cigar history in the U.S. involves when Cuban cigar makers planted themselves in Florida to see their cigar-making dreams come to fruition. Today, cigar aficionados, or any history buff, can stroll down to Key West, Tampa, or Ybor City to appreciate the Cuban cigar heritage. Ybor City offers cigar enthusiasts a permanent exhibit in the city’s cigar history museum – Ybor City Museum.
Of course, not everyone has time to travel these days. Life is busy. With that in mind, the online Cigar History Museum was founded by central California cigar aficionado, Tony Hyman. Hyman displays images and grand, historical detail on the museum’s website for public viewing. No cost. No travel – just sheer, rich cigar history.


6. Women and Cigars

There is a long history of women smoking cigars. Tobacco smoking was first used for rituals and spiritual purposes. Today, cigar smoking has made its way into leisure life and enjoyed by all – men and women. In fact, there are even several social networking groups designed with women and cigars in mind. Women’s International Cigar Club is one of them. It is a Facebook group with a following of 765 people. Another networking group is Stixx and Stilettos, which aims to connect professional women with cigars. Stixx and Stilettos host networking events for ladies of the leaf and for those with an interest in cigars. That’s one more reason that cigar smoking offers something for everyone.
We’ve covered six great reasons to smoke cigars and enjoy the camaraderie and culture that follows. Now, what about age? Cigar smokers were first associated with older, affluent men. So, is there an average age for people to enjoy a stick in a lounge, at an event, or pretty much anywhere? The answer, of course, is “No” and this brings us to our final reason why cigar smoking is for you.


7. Millennial Cigar Smokers

Millennials are the up-and-coming cigar aficionados now and they are taking to cigar lifestyle by storm. According to a blog by Zach Riley on Stogie Press, millennials like himself enjoy a good stick for relaxation and socialization. They prefer social events to stogies at home. They also believe in documenting their lives, including cigar life, via social media – any social media.

So, there you have it, cigar life truly is for everyone. Cigar life has much to offer. There is so much more to cigars than nubbing a good stick. Of course, that’s always good too.

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