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Six Types of Smokers You’ll Meet at the Cigar Lounge

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When you begin the cigar lifestyle, you’ll probably start seeing yourself in lounges and cigar shops. You’ll meet a wide variety of people and personalities with the same common interests. The shop and lounge atmosphere vary based on your city. Although each atmosphere differs from the next, cigar lounges share one thing in common. Regardless of location, there are six types of smokers you’ll likely meet when you visit a cigar lounge.

The Boutique Tribe Member

Ritual is the name of the game for boutique tribe members. Offer them a free stick in a cigar lounge, and they will decline if it’s not from a small batch. Boutique cigars are high quality which makes the tribe run on rampant snobbery and elitism. Tribe members refuse to smoke anything that’s not from a boutique or a small batch. Whether it’s cigars, music, beer, cheese, or whatever, there will always be elitists and snobs. So don’t get your feelings hurt when you meet a member of the boutique tribe. It comes with the lifestyle.

When boutique members smoke, it’s according to their ritual. Anything less is undesirable. You’ll never catch them lighting a cigar with a lighter. They prefer long, wooden cigar matches. They must pair the cigar with a specific brand of bourbon or blended whiskey for the perfect flavor note combination.

These folks also tend to be avid collectors. They even keep the boxes the cigars come in. Custom boxes have very unique designs, after all. Small batch cigars are great now and then, but there are other cigars out there, too. Mass-produced cigars exist because there’s a demand for them and they’re worth their price.

The Anything and Everything Smokers

The most enjoyable person on this list is the anything and everything smoker. They have no preferences. They aren’t loyal to a specific type of smoke. They are not impressed by any brand, and they will smoke everything, including house (cigar shop) brands. This smoker likes to visit all the shops in the area and is well known by everyone. They know when to speak, how to listen, and tend to be very charismatic. A man’s man, or woman’s woman. These smokers are great people to have around in the cigar lifestyle. They also carry some of the coolest-looking cigar lighter torches.

Cubans Only Smokers

Cubans only smokers have a way with words that never leaves you doubting whom you’re smoking with. Best of all, they know their Cubans well. In fact, you’ll probably hear them say things like, “I got a hookup that provides Cubans. I only smoke Cubans”

That’s cool.

“Oh man, I can tell by the smell that your cigar has Cuban tobacco.”

Sure, buddy.

You’ll find this group on Facebook asking for Cubans. They want the world to know they smoke Cubans. Visit their home, and you’ll find a collection of Cohiba bands and no cigars. Cuban-only smokers are becoming a rare breed. That’s because the quality of Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras has increased over the years. Also, the US lifted the embargo on Cubans, making the Cuban cigar very unattainable, which also makes smoking Cubans less cool.

Bargain Hunter

The bargain hunter smokers search the web far and wide for the best deals on cigars. They spend countless hours and create spreadsheets comparing prices across the internet. Sometimes they’ll score a nice find, but usually, it’s the opposite. They act surprised when their new cigars arrive dry or there’s a handful missing from the box. It’s a lesson learned. When it comes to cigars, you get what you pay for.

You’ll also likely see the bargain hunter smoking free or discounted cigars. They almost always want to trade cigars hoping to bag a higher quality one. This is the type of smoker you’ll stop inviting over to your events, given that they tend to never bring their own cigars.

Vintage Smokers

Vintage smokers know what they want. That includes the classics such as Arturo Fuente, Padron, Cohiba, Romeo Y Julieta 1875, and Partagas. You’ll find vintage smokers in the shops looking for aged cigars that have been around for fifty, sixty, or even eighty years. Visit a cigar shop or cigar lounge and you’ll also find this smoker correcting your Spanish pronunciation of the vintage brands.

“Coo-bah-no” not “Cue-ban”

Vintage smokers are a tamer version of the boutique tribe. Unlike the tribe, vintage smokers tend to smoke a variety of cigars. They also aren’t snobs about vintage cigars. Yet, they’re also a bit like the bargain hunters. They never bring their own cigars when you invite them over. Instead, they prefer to leave them inside their Audew Electronic Cigar Cooler Humidor.

The Newbie Smokers

Our final type of cigar smoker is the newbie. You can spot them from a mile away because they’re novices when it comes to the cigar lifestyle. You’ll see them on their phones, posting selfies at the cigar lounge to their Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you’re lucky, you can catch them doing a silly dance for a TikTok video. You’ll probably know they’re at a cigar shop because they’ll check-in.

Newbies are great listeners when they’re not on their phones. They are eager to learn about the lifestyle and they need to learn the ropes. Start by telling them not to smoke rings every time, or to stop collecting those bands. Show them how to rotate a cigar every couple of minutes. Tell them if they smoke too fast, they’ll ruin the flavor.

Hopefully, after your good advice, they’ll graduate into the cigar lifestyle.

Whatever type of smoker you are, if you’re happy (and don’t make the rest of us unhappy), then we’re glad you’re smoking cigars and enjoying whatever it is that you enjoy.


Photo credit: Kelvin Robinson Sr. on Facebook, Leaf Life Lounge in Ellenwood GA

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