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Four Things That Ruin Your Cigar Experience

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No one ever talks about what can ruin a cigar experience. The last thing you want to do is spend over ten dollars on a high-quality cigar and not enjoy it. Perhaps you’re new to the cigar lifestyle? Maybe you make rookie mistakes such as smoking on an empty stomach or getting drunk? Heck, even hanging out with the wrong people or not relaxing can ruin any cigar experience.

These four things distract you from enjoying the aroma. They ruin the complex flavor notes. They prevent you from getting in a relaxed state. You might as well light your dollars instead of your cigar if you do these four things.

Smoke on an Empty Stomach

When you smoke a cigar on an empty stomach, you get cigar sickness. An empty stomach allows the nicotine from the cigar to enter your system faster. As a result, you get sick. Your head spins and you hover over a garbage can brimming with nausea. This is definitely not the enjoyable or meditative cigar experience you imagined.

If you make the rookie mistake of smoking on an empty stomach, first, put out your cigar. Get some sugar and water into your system to stave off the sickness. Return to your cigar later in the day. The cigar won’t taste as great as the first time you smoked it, but at least you won’t puke your guts out. Just know, if you ever get sick, it’s your fault. It’s not the cigars.

Get Drunk During a Cigar Experience

You’ll also ruin your cigar experience when you drink too much. Your mind loses focus on the cigar. You don’t pay attention to the subtle flavor notes. You won’t reach that meditative state of relaxation. The cigar experience is about taste, aroma, and the relaxing effects it provides. If you drink enough to slur your words, you’ll savor the cigar experience less.

There’s a reason it’s advised to smoke half a cigar before you pair it with whiskey or other spirits. When you smoke half a stick and focus on the cigar experience, you’re less likely to drink too much. You’ll enjoy the experience of smoking a cigar. Once you’re midway through your cigar, pair it with a small amount of the alcohol of your choice for flavor enhancement. There’s nothing wrong with smoking a cigar while partying. Just don’t do it with a quality cigar you spent $10 or more for. A cheap cigar is a better choice here. It’s not like you’re going to remember the cheap flavor notes the following day.

Hang out with the Wrong People

Another way to ruin any cigar experience is hanging out with the wrong people. These are generally the no-smoke crowd. They may not like cigars but sit at your table. They complain about the smell. They’ll also complain about the smoke and tell you how bad smoking is for your health. They’ll dampen your mood leaving you in the opposite of relaxation.

There are also negative people. If you listen to them long enough, they’ll drain your energy. Your mood changes and it distracts you from enjoying the cigars.

Boring people are another group to avoid. They’ll make you want to put your cigar out and leave.

Sometimes, you cannot avoid the wrong people. When you find yourself in this position, you’ll have the perfect reason to go outside. There’s nothing like hanging out on your own and gaining some much-needed peace. In fact, it’s one of the great ways to enjoy a cigar.

Not Relaxing During a Cigar Experience

To fully enjoy the cigar experience, you’ll want to do nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing. Activities such as golf or yard work can distract you from the cigar experience. You’re not going to relax or focus on your cigar. You won’t pay attention to the flavor notes or the aromas. There’s nothing writing with doing these things while smoking a cigar, but you’ll miss out on the rich experience you would’ve otherwise had. Pair activities with cigars that cost less than $10. That way, you’ll still enjoy a cigar without worrying about wasting your cash.

For new smokers, it’s better to avoid these four things. Focus, instead, on gaining the full benefits of your cigar experience. Don’t allow distractions to get in the way and waste a good cigar.


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