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The After-Dinner Cigar: A Great Cigar Lifestyle Ritual

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One of the best ways to enjoy a cigar is after dinner. In fact, smoking a cigar after a good, hearty meal is a must. With a full stomach, you’ll better enjoy strong, bold Partagas and not worry about getting sick. It’s a great and relaxing way to end your day, especially if you do it with friends or family. The after-dinner cigar is the perfect dessert. It’s full of flavor and contains zero calories. You will find that the after-dinner cigar is one of the most popular rituals in the cigar lifestyle. Here’s why smoking a cigar after dinner is one of the best lifestyle rituals.

After-Dinner Cigars Prevent Cigar Sickness

A cigar is enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about puking your guts out. Yet, one of the reasons you get cigar sickness is because your stomach is empty. It’s also a common newbie mistake. You get sick because an empty stomach absorbs nicotine faster. It’s kind of like drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, only the nicotine punches you much harder. Every time you get cigar sickness, you waste the cigar. You must put it out, then return to it later, but it never tastes the same.

This is why many folks enjoy smoking a cigar after dinner. Your stomach is full and your body absorbs the nicotine at a slower rate. Even the food onboard will help absorb some of the nicotine. If you’ve been saving one of your stronger cigars in your humidor for a while, smoke it after dinner. You’ll enjoy the strong aroma and flavor without worrying about hugging your porcelain seat.

They Complement Socializing

A great way to celebrate something is with a nice dinner at a steakhouse. There’s nothing like going out for steaks after a big win, a promotion at work, or on your birthday. Then, the meal ends, and it’s time for everyone to head home. Why stop with the food? After a meal, cigars are a great way to extend the celebration.

A strong, after-dinner cigar with some bourbon is a total bonus after you put away the steaks. Smoking a cigar is a great way to have your friends join in the celebration and relax. It’s also a great way to reflect on the celebration and only adds to the experience of eating a nice dinner.

After-Dinner Cigars Boost Metabolism

By replacing desserts with an after-dinner cigar, you’ll consume fewer calories. It offers a great, calorie-free way to feel satisfied after a meal. That’s a huge plus for your metabolism. Additionally, a nice dinner and a cigar combination mean you’ll consume less food later in the evening.  That’s because the nicotine in the cigar helps to curb your appetite.

Additionally, the nicotine from the cigar binds to your digestive organs. This allows your food to move toward the exit faster. Specifically, the nicotine induces peristalsis and gets the digestive tract moving. This creates wavelike movements that push the food in the canal forward. This is why you’ll probably find yourself on the John after smoking a strong, after-dinner Cohiba.

Finally, you’ll find that smoking an after-dinner cigar is one of the best rituals in the cigar lifestyle. It relaxes you and your digestive organs after a long day. It helps with your metabolism. And, it is a great way to add to your social experience after dinner.


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