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Five Great Responses to “Why Smoke Cigars”

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If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it ten thousand times from non-smokers asking us the same question – why smoke cigars? Well, here are five great replies you can use the next time you hear that tiring, old question.


We Enjoy the Taste.

We enjoy the warm and pure taste of tobacco that one can only fully experience through a premium cigar. By swishing the smoke or chewing on the side of a premium cigar, we love the natural, yet strong taste and smell of tobacco leaves. In that light, do you walk into or open a humidor to take in the incredible scent of cigars? There is no better smell in the world. Yet, while the taste and smell of cigars are amazing, they are simply two of the many reasons why we smoke.


Cigars Clear Our Minds.

Most premium cigars take between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes to finish. Cigars create an hour of uninterrupted thought, whether it be alone or in the company of others. We often have our most clear and coherent thoughts while smoking cigars because a premium ‘stogie’ releases the stress of modern life, bringing us to a simpler environment. A premium cigar relaxes us, which in turn, allows us to reflect and think. While smoking, we feel able and ready to answer life’s most serious questions.


Smoking Helps Us Connect With Others.

The act of smoking a cigar with others brings us closer to those around us. As stated, a cigar provides you with an hour block of time. During this time, you feel fully present with those around you; you embrace the conversation and friendship. For that hour, friendship and cigars are everything; there are no distractions. We can talk about and share our lives, families, and views while hearing about that of others.


We find peace in the ritual of smoking cigars.

Beginning with its preparation, we appreciate the consistency and patience of smoking a cigar. After opening a humidor and choosing the perfect cigar, you ritualistically cut the stogie the very same way before calmly sparking a match. You light the cigar in a similar if not the exact same way every time. As a result, we enjoy the ceremonial process of smoking a premium cigar. Life disrupts plans with surprising turns and changes. Yet, the process of smoking a cigar stays the same and follows the same tradition – too many, it is a form of meditation.


We smoke cigars to celebrate.

Like champagne or aged-scotch, cigars represent celebration. Whether graduation or wedding, cigars mark life’s largest moments and events. Individuals throughout the world gift and enjoy cigars in moments of joy. Cigars lift spirits and show enjoyment. There is nothing quite like smoking a cigar with those you love while wearing your nicest suit or dress on a sunny, happy day.


So, Why Smoke Cigars?

We smoke because cigars taste great. They allow us to think during stressful times. They help us connect and have serious talks with others. They provide us with peace, and they put an exclamation point on life’s most important moments.

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Smoking cigars has many benefits, including stress relief.The camaraderie of smoking a good cigar is one way to choose joy.