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Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers: Your Top 10 Questions

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Cigar Life Guy® is celebrating its third anniversary and over the last three years we’ve helped a ton of regular cigar smokers get life insurance at non-tobacco rates, often a 70% savings vs. smoker rates! Over the last few years, we’ve also gotten tons of questions. Here are some of the most frequent questions (and answers) about life insurance for cigar smokers.

Does it really work? Can I really get non-tobacco rates on life insurance even if I smoke cigars every day?

Yes! It really works. Our whole business is built upon getting regular cigar smokers the non-tobacco rates on life insurance. We know it can seem too good to be true. Many clients are skeptical until we come back with a final, formal offer from the insurance carrier. Usually, clients are so excited they sign the paperwork and accept the offer within hours of learning they were approved at non-tobacco rates! To get the non-tobacco rates, there are four essential things you must do.

  • Disclose your cigar use on the application
  • Not also smoke cigarettes or vape
  • Be otherwise healthy enough to qualify for life insurance
  • Apply with the right company (Cigar Life Guy helps you do this)

I applied with another company and ended up with smoker rates! Can I apply with you and get non-tobacco rates?

Yes! We fix “issues” with other application processes all the time. Even if another company gave you smoker or tobacco rates, as long as you follow our instructions and fully disclose your cigar use on the initial application, you can get non-tobacco rates with one of our companies.

Do I have to take a medical exam to get non-tobacco rates on life insurance?

We have life insurance options that most cigar smokers will qualify for that will not require a medical exam. Often this is a more expensive option but for some people the convenience of not having to take an exam is worth it.

It is possible the exam will be waived even with companies offering the best prices, but it depends on your answers to the application’s health questions. That said, we advise people who want the best possible price to prepare to take an exam if asked.

The good news is the life insurance exam is typically fairly simple: someone comes to your home or office, or you can visit a facility in your area. They take a blood sample, a urine sample, blood pressure reading, and record your height and weight.

Can I still get non-tobacco rates on life insurance even if I use marijuana and smoke cigars?

Absolutely! Underwriting for marijuana use is increasingly becoming less restrictive. If you use marijuana and smoke cigars, you can still get non-tobacco rates in most cases.

Like any other application, insurers look at your overall health and lifestyle. It’s very important that you disclose the marijuana use along with cigar use on the initial application. It’s equally important that you tell us about both during our initial consultation so we can place you with the company most favorable to you.

Can I have more than one life insurance policy?

Yes, you can have multiple life insurance policies. You qualify for life insurance as an individual based on your income or net worth, but typically your income. The amount you qualify for will vary with your age and the company that writes your policy.

Most people qualify for much more insurance than they are interested in purchasing. You will need to disclose the policies you already have at the time of your application. The life insurance company will consider how the policy you are applying for will affect the total amount of coverage you’ll have.

Why can’t I just lie and say I don’t smoke cigars on the application and stop smoking cigars for a few weeks so I can pass the life insurance exam and get non-tobacco rates?

Ignoring the moral and ethical issues associated with lying, it’s never a good idea to be anything but truthful on a life insurance application. It’s possible to potentially “game” the system and get your policy approved, but any less than truthful answers (nice way of saying “lies”) may cause problems if there is a claim (that is, you die).

Life insurance companies scrutinize claims more closely than initial applications. Is there an electronic paper trail (like social media) of your cigar use? Do you work in an occupation (like at a cigar store or for a cigar brand) where it is unlikely you don’t regularly smoke cigars? Does your doctor know you smoke cigars? These are a few things to consider before selecting the less than truthful approach.

The whole idea of life insurance is to give you peace of mind if something goes wrong. How much peace of mind will you have if you’re loved ones have a problem with a death claim because you played fast and loose with the truth? There is a legitimate way to get non-tobacco rates as regular cigar smoker where you fully disclose your cigar use on the application. Doing so gives you and your loved ones a peace of mind knowing you’ve eliminated claims issues associated with your cigar use.

I got a policy with non-tobacco rates before I started smoking cigars. Is that policy still valid?

Yes, it is! A life insurance application is evaluated based upon your point-in-time answers to health and lifestyle questions. It is very likely your health and lifestyle will change. For example, just as you may have started smoking cigars after you got the life insurance, you may also start flying a plane, commit a felony, or have a heart attack or other health ailment. As long as you were truthful about your health and lifestyle at the time of application, your policy will be fine.

My friend got some Cigar Life Guy stuff at an event. How do I get Cigar Life Guy stuff?

Cigar Life Guy apparel is available online. All proceeds go to Operation: Cigars for Warriors, Cigar Life Guy’s official cigar charity. Most of the swag at events is limited edition, event-only items, and are usually given away free at designated events. The best way to get Cigar Life Guy swag is to go to an event where Cigar Life Guy has a presence. We have a great time at events and smoke a lot of cigars. It’s also a great way to meet other cigar smokers from near and far.

How come every page of your website has a form for life insurance quotes? I’m tired of seeing all your ads for life insurance on your website!

Hey, everybody’s gotta eat! The life insurance brokerage is the only “advertiser” that Cigar Life Guy has. So, yes, when you’re reading a cigar lifestyle article on the website there will be a quote form for the life insurance. Compare us to your other favorite cigar lifestyle site. Frankly, we think we’re one of the lowest frequency ad sites of any cigar lifestyle website around. We don’t have affiliate programs or promote other people’s products for compensation, disclosed or undisclosed.

Do you really smoke cigars?

Yes. Lots of them. A big part of the brand’s success is its authenticity. Find us at an event or private message us on social media and discover which local lounge in Atlanta we’ll be smoking at today!

If you have other questions, call us, private message us on social media, or email


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