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WWE Champ John Cena Enjoys Cigars

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It’s hard to imagine a thirteen-time WWE Champion has any time for any leisure activities. Yet, when he’s home in his custom-designed gentleman’s room, John Cena loves hanging with his guys and smoking cigars. He’s not the only athlete or movie star to enjoy the cigar life, either. The WWE champ has plenty of peers, such as big-screen heavyweights like Kevin Hart, and rapper and movie star Ludacris, to name a few.

Part of Cena’s enjoyment of cigars stems from his strong family bond. Cena has four brothers. Together, they spend time talking shop, relaxing, and smoking in his gentleman’s room. He believes in keeping the space purely for his enjoyment and entertaining friends. The word is, it’s even password-protected to protect his and his guest’s privacy.

From Football to Wrestling

Cena was born and raised in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He’s the man whom others would later refer to as “one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.” Yet, Cena led a rather unassuming life up through his teenage years.

He eventually attended Springfield College in Springfield Massachusetts. There, Cena played Division III football and became All-American at the center position. He later moved on to bodybuilding in 1998. It’s thought that he may have even found inspiration from legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. Regardless, he moved to California and worked out regularly.

After a year of bodybuilding, Cena tried his hand at professional wrestling and found success. He quickly moved through the development program of the former WWF, before getting his first shot at the big time.

The Doctor of Thuganomics

Cena debuted in 2004 as a trash-talking, sarcastic, and sometimes foul-mouthed rapper nicknamed “The Doctor of Thuganomics.” His brash persona coupled with in-ring theatrics and impressive physical ability saw him quickly rise through the ranks. He attained his first title shot for the “United States Championship” within a year of his debut.

During this time, he also developed his signature catchphrase: “You can’t see me.” He also produced a platinum-selling rap album with the same title. Cena’s debut persona was highly praised for its no-nonsense gimmick, slightly edgy moves, and off-the-cuff remarks and insults.

In fact, Cena’s popularity grew over the next year and he went on to win his first World Championship. It was then that the modern interpretation of John Cena began.

Franchise Player and Star Status

By late 2005, Cena’s character transitioned to what it is today. He is the upstanding “Superman” figure that everyone loves. Although some fans didn’t appreciate the abrupt transition, many tout his work ethic. In 2006, before he returned to the WWE, Cena landed his first movie role in The Marine.

It was then that he became the face of the WWE. In fact, Cena went on to win the “World Championship” several times. During that time, he had many feuds with some of the biggest names in the business. During this time, his philanthropy work also took off.

One of Cena’s admirable distinctions is that he granted the most wishes ever – over 650 – for the Make a Wish Foundation. He collaborates with various charities like the USO and many others local to Massachusetts and across the globe while working with the WWE.

The WWE Champ Values His Privacy

John Cena prefers to keep his private life just that, private. So, despite his admirable, but busy schedule, Cena still likes to unwind at home with a good cigar and good company.

It’s reported that the cigar lounge nicknamed the “Gentleman’s Room” in Cena’s multimillion-dollar mansion was custom-built to house his smokes and other favorite pastimes. In particular, he likes watching football, drinking scotch, and smoking cigars. Yet, there is a wrong way and a right way to drink and smoke. After all, what’s a good cigar without the right pairing of alcohol?

So, what lavishness awaits guests inside the “Gentleman’s Room”? The walls of the room are lined with cedar, which compliments the leather chairs and sofa. He has two custom, walk-in humidors, and air filtration systems installed to prevent cigar smoke from entering the house’s main living spaces. If that weren’t enough, the smoking room is kept locked with access gained only by permission or invite.

WWE champ, John Cena is clear that he prefers fine cigars. So, it’s no surprise that he is rumored to keep some of the most expensive ones on the market. Though, exactly which ones those are, he won’t say. His preference for finer things doesn’t stop here, though, and extends to his other major hobby: muscle cars. It is reported that Cena owns more than 20 muscle cars – some are rumored as exceedingly rare and expensive.

What’s Next for the WWE Champ?

You’ll probably continue seeing more of WWE champ, John Cena. Although he’s not entering the wrestling ring as often, he continues to busy himself with movie-making. Add to that his multiple commercials, all running simultaneously, his TV hosting gigs, and charity work, The result? John Cena is visible somewhere, every day.

Cena will continue in the spotlight for a long time to come. Even if he’s not adjusting the attitude of WWE’s finest, you’ll still find him on screens large and small. You might even say the champ is here to stay.


Photo credit: wrestlezone.com

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