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Matthew McConaughey Thinks Cigars Are Alright

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Everyone’s favorite gentleman from Texas, Matthew McConaughey, is no stranger to the big screen. Regardless of what type of roles he’s playing, McConaughey continues to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Yet, there is something about McConaughey that you may not know. When he isn’t starring in films or endorsing luxury cars, McConaughey likes chewing on a cigar while chewing the fat with friends after a hard day’s work.

McConaughey likes mild-flavored cigars because he feels he can enjoy more of them. He collects cigars that he lets age in his humidor before touching them. Why? According to McConaughey, this was how he learned to “respect the lineage of the cigar”.

McConaughey’s not alone in the cigar smoking club of high-caliber celebrities. He ranks alongside the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Samuel L. Jackson. However, he is unique in his tastes.

McConaughey started smoking cigars as a teenager. He often bought whatever he could afford. That generally included Swishers – those machine-pressed cigars you can find at almost any gas station, convenience store, or truck stop. Although he graduated to better cigars today, McConaughey still prefers a sweetness to his cigars. It reminds him of his youth.

McConaughey has also gone on record with his opinion about Cohibas. While they are good, they are also too strong for him, unless he pairs it with a nice glass of port.

Early Days and Law Inspirations

Perhaps it would end up being blind luck or serendipity, but Matthew McConaughey grew up relatively poor in Uvalde, Texas. So, he was unknown throughout his early life. He attended the University of Texas in Austin and earned a degree in radio, television, and film. That degree served him more than he imagined after his plans to attend Southern Methodist University changed.

Ironically enough, when McConaughey graduated college, he initially aspired to become a lawyer. Yet, he ultimately decided a law degree wasn’t right for him. This worked out for the better, though. His most iconic role and perhaps his reason for attaining star status came playing a lawyer in the 1996 film A Time to Kill.

Matthew McConaughey: Becoming a Brother-of-the-Leaf

Matthew McConaughey didn’t always appreciate finer cigars as he does today. In fact, it didn’t happen until the producer on one of his many films brought him a premium cigar and told him “not to smoke it for 10 years”. Although this might have seemed like a strange piece of advice, it transformed McConaughey’s perspective. That’s when he began to appreciate the fineness of cigars and what it really meant to own a premium smoke.

He now collects cigars many of them he receives from others. McConaughey doesn’t smoke them until they’ve aged properly or it’s the right time.

McConaughey didn’t start smoking real cigars until well after he became an established actor. He began acting in 1993 in the film Dazed and Confused. Yet, it took a few years before he landed his breakout role as a defense attorney in the film, A Time to Kill.

Unlike his cigars, which he prefers light and sweet, McConaughey prefers his roles more hard-edged. He gained widespread fame in light-hearted romantic comedies. However, Matthew McConaughey prefers grittier roles with a bit of a tooth to them, like his role in The Lincoln Lawyer.

A Challenging Quarry

One of McConaughey’s favorite pastimes is having a conversation while enjoying a good cigar. Nights drinking beer and smoking also rank high on his list. This further extends to interviews and discussing difficult subjects. McConaughey enjoys challenging people’s ideas and opinions.

Much like the lawyer characters he’s fond of playing, Matthew McConaughey often finds himself debating things with people. He even debates with those asking him the questions. His interviewers report him as a difficult nut to crack. Yet, he always remains a gentleman throughout the debates.

Debates aren’t the only things Matthew McConaughey likes. He also loves a good joke too. In fact, he often stars in films with a comedic twist to them, but he likes to keep things balanced. Although romantic comedies aren’t his favorites, he understands their part in making him the star he is. So, he does his best to make each one meaningful in its own way.

When he’s not busy starring in movies, you’ll find Matthew McConaughey supporting some of the finer things in life. This includes cigars, luxury cars, fine spirits, and great suits.

What’s Next For Matthew McConaughey?

Today, Matthew McConaughey often chooses what he does. That includes doing endorsements, starring in Emmy-nominated television shows, filming the latest blockbuster, or just getting in a good smoke. Regardless of what he’s doing, though, McConaughey has earned his place.

Outside of filming, McConaughey also does his share of philanthropic work in and around Texas. A rumor spread suggesting he might seek the governorship of Texas. However, that rumor has since been proven false.

Regardless of where we see him next, one thing is certain, McConaughey’s fans will definitely be “Alright, alright, alright” with it.


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