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Four Reasons to Love Cigar Lounge Communities

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What is it about taking a seat in a cigar lounge that brings people together? “Brothers of the Leaf” or “Sisters of the Leaf” are terms used to describe lovers of fine hand-rolled cigars and the passion they have amongst each other. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of cigar smokers have banded together online by joining virtual cigar clubs through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, sharing pictures of their latest stogie. There’s a different energy, however, when people physically come together to smoke cigars and enjoy the company of other cigar smokers in cigar lounge communities.

Unless you have your own smoking room, places to herf indoors are few. That’s where the local brick-and-mortar cigar lounge comes in to offer refuge. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or just getting into the cigar lifestyle as a newbie, cigar lounges offer a haven for tobacco enthusiasts without having to worry about the smoke police. Here are four reasons to love cigar lounge communities.

No Judgement in Cigar Lounge Communities

The magic of a cigar lounge is how it brings people together, whether they’re white-collar business people or blue-collar engineers. Beyond cigar talk, aficionados share life stories which furthers the bond of the Brotherhood of the Leaf (or Sisterhood). It’s not uncommon to hear someone letting off steam about their workday, either. The lounge community almost acts like a group therapy session in a way. There’s usually someone who will listen to your story and offer their own. Once you walk through the doors of a cigar lounge, you become part of a community dedicated to the cigar lifestyle.

It’s always heart-warming seeing people from different walks of life come together under the banner of enjoying a good cigar. It’s equally heart-warming listening to discussions about the last stick they smoked while describing the flavors and aromas that come from puffing on a handmade artisanal product. There’s no judgment to be had whether you’re smoking a $20 or more Davidoff or a $7 Charter Oak. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy what you’re smoking. Occasionally, you’ll get the “I only smoke Cubans” guy, but he’s probably not smoking a Cuban cigar in the lounge. In cigar lounge communities, it’s about taking in the luxury of smoking a cigar and sharing the experience together with the peace of mind of knowing you’re among people as passionate as you.

Cigar Knowledge

There’s always something new to learn with cigars. The cigar industry is expansive, with new cigar products coming out every quarter. Regular lounge goers are welcoming to rookie smokers, quickly inviting them to share their enjoyment of the leaf. Usually, the first question asked is “What are you smoking?”, before getting to know the new folks. These veteran cigar smokers have different palates and will share their cigar experience and offer recommendations on new stogies to try. If you smoke the same stick consistently, you can spread your own knowledge among the cigar lounge communities and get someone else to try it. After they puff on your favorite cigar, you can compare notes. Maybe you’ll find something in the tasting notes you haven’t had before.

Cigar Lounge Community Companionship

Bonding over a cigar is one of the best experiences of being in a cigar lounge community. That there are people gathering in the same room while sharing the same love of a very niche activity instantly creates a connection. Friendships and business partnerships can develop over a good smoke and an equally good drink. A good cigar lounge with a friendly atmosphere creates the perfect networking environment as long as the main reason you’re there is to enjoy smoking with others.

Arguments are few in a cigar lounge. Discussions about sports teams can sometimes get heated, but most places try to avoid hot-button topics like religion or politics. At most, you’ll hear about cigar prices being raised by excise taxes. There may be some friendly ribbing, but that’s all done in jest. When you get to this point, you know you’re among friends.

Great Environment

A good cigar lounge will have a hospitable staff that regularly keeps the room clean, usually emptying the ashtrays hourly. Comfortable seating is a must. It’s no fun to sit on a butt-numbing chair while herfing on a Churchill for an hour or two. A good ventilation system is also important to prevent the haze of cigar smoke from clouding up the room. Also, having air conditioning or heating makes everyone more comfortable. Music or TVs are often available. They provide background noise as long as they aren’t so loud that they drown out conversations. If a cigar lounge sells drinks or has a BYOB policy, it’s a big plus. All of this provides for a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for smokers to enjoy.

Cigar lounges have a way of letting cigar enthusiasts drop their worries at the door and engage with other like-minded individuals looking to get away from daily stress regardless of race, religion, or creed. It’s a great place to join other smokers and escape from the stresses of life in a casual environment. If you find the lounge empty, call your friends! They’re probably looking for a haven to puff in and cigar shops are more than happy to fill up their lounges.


Photo Credit: Maxis Cigar Lounge, Long Island NY

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