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Five Things You Should Know Before Beginning Cigar Lifestyle

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Beginning a cigar lifestyle is not for everyone. In fact, if the thought of drawing in the rich flavor and aroma of a fine cigar doesn’t appeal to you, click away. However, if you ever thought about smoking cigars or you currently enjoy an occasional stick, then this is the article for you. Cigar lifestyle is one of comaraderie and the ultimate enjoyment of some of the finest cigars created. However, there are a few things you should know to help you decide whether beginning cigar lifestyle is for you. So, kick back in your chair, light that stick, and read on.

Research the Cigar Lifestyle

Before you begin the cigar lifestyle, do a bit of research. It’s as simple as perusing the internet on your phone. With so much information available, you’ll want to discover the benefits, disadvantages, costs, and more. As a matter of fact, you’ll find a lot of useful information browsing the articles section of

Just a general research and browsing the web provides a ton of information to help you decide whether cigar lifestyle is for you. For example, you willdiscover that a cigar is nothing like cigarettes or chewing tobacco. It’s 100 percent handmade, long-leaf tobacco with no additives or fillers. The nicotine buzz you get from cigars is nothing like that of cigarettes or chewing tobacco, either. The important takeaway is that by doing some research, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

Expect to Spend Some Cash

Everything you’re going to smoke turns into ash. In the end, you won’t hold anything because cigars are consumable items. They are not a necessary item. They are a luxury, which is probably why you don’t often see 20-year-olds enjoying a fine cigar. Typically cigar lifestyle is occupied by those who have an established life and disposable incomes. Good cigars and cigar accessories cost money and lead to an overall better experience.

Don’t be the bargain hunter. You’ll end up smoking the cheapest cigars and using the cheapest cutters. All these combined lead to a horrible cigar experience and no one enjoys a cigar that tastes bad. It’s better to save some cash and buy some mid-range cigars. It’s also better when you can invest in a cigar humidor, lighter and a quality cutter. Overall, be prepared to spend some cash in the cigar lifestyle. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Have Cigar Lifestyle Smoking Buddies

Everything is easier when you smoke with friends. You can learn from them, relax, and enjoy the cigar together. Socializing is a big part of the lifestyle and it’s even better when you do it with friends. Friends that can show you the ropes in the lifestyle or buy bundles together. Plus, smoking cigars gives you a good excuse to hang out with your buddies.

Yes, there are many smokers that enjoy cigars on their own. However, it’s better to start out with friends. You can learn from them so that you don’t repeat mistakes that would make you hate cigars. Also, you can always check out a cigar shop or lounge. You’ll make friends simply by visiting and hanging out at the lounges and shops. You will find that people in the cigar lifestyle love talking about cigars.

People Around You May Not Like Cigars

Cigar smoking can make you unpopular with certain people. There are going to be people who don’t like the smell or smoke of your cigars. People close to you will express concern about your health and start suggesting you quit the lifestyle. The last thing you want is your spouse to have problems with you because of your new cigar lifestyle. In any case, smoking cigars gives you a good excuse to leave your house and enjoy a cigar outside on your patio or in backyard.

American culture tends to be very anti-tobacco. A lot of people think anything related to tobacco is bad and evil. Try smoking in a public area you’re not familiar with and you’ll probably catch some dirty looks from random strangers. You’ll have random people asking cynical questions about cigars and reminding you of the hazards of smoking cigars.

Don’t Just Stick to One Cigar

If you’re beginning the cigar lifestyle, don’t just stick to one cigar. Smoke a variety of cigars and find out what you like. The first couple of cigars may not taste good to you or you may have smoked them the wrong way. Eventually, you’ll find that one cigar you enjoy and have a good experience with. Don’t be afraid to try different brands. If you’re not sure, buy samplers. If expanding your palate is something you can’t do or something you don’t have time for, perhaps the cigar lifestyle isn’t for you.

These five things should help you consider whether the cigar lifestyle is for you. The cigar lifestyle may seem a little complicated at first. Yet, if you have a good group of friends to smoke with and a nice cigar, you’ll find yourself in cigar lifestyle for a very long time.


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