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Curing Digital Headaches With a Good Cigar

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The cigar lifestyle is not a revolution. It’s not a call to stop the modern world from spinning itself sick. It isn’t about locking up cellphones in a giant humidor. You’re not forcing people to enjoy themselves without bleeps, bloops and incessant swiping. And you don’t need to force anything to blink your eyes in the dreamlike smoke of a double Robusto. Life is simpler when you clink a glass quarter-full of whiskey with your closest friends and let honest conversation fill the atmosphere. Our culture, the culture of cigar smokers, revels in its diversity and simplicity. All great men and women deserve a break from connectivity to connect with one another and a good cigar is the perfect cure to the digital headaches of our modern world.


Turn Off The Phone and Light a Cigar

Such a break from hyper-connectivity deserves a respite. It’s also crucial to preserving your mental health. Researchers have even linked heavy smartphone usage and exacerbated anxiety and depression. Everyday stressors compound the division and corrosion of your attention span and lead to more digital headaches. We live in an era that inundates us with digital communication. Yet, that same digital communication proves inferior to simple one-on-one conversation. The average human attention span has decreased by a staggering thirty-three percent over the past two decades. Meanwhile, smartphones have moved from the periphery to the essential. So, how does this relate to your smoke? We’re glad you asked.
When you embrace cigar lifestyle, you embrace relaxation and you say “No” to all those distractions and digital headaches of our distracted world. Your slow inhale is an overarching credo. It’s a rejection of the poisonous and perpetual distraction of the digital age. When you set your cellphone to silent, you take your life back. You take back aspects of what you sacrificed to the convenience of apps and social media feeds. You also rekindle sheer joy with the soft crackle and burn of a prized Churchill. But, these are all good things. You are rejecting a dangerous sense of isolation. Instead, you’re replacing it with a face-to-face, glass-to-glass community of like-minded cigar connoisseurs.

Talk Face-to-Face With Real People Over a Cigar

The long-term effects of limited direct social interaction are coming into focus. The results are disturbing. When you limit face-to-face conversation and interaction, you nearly double your risk of depression. In effect, you’re taking back our minds and our hearts in the glow of a butane torch. You’re lifting your emotional well-being into the rising smoke of your favorite Double Coronas.
Cigar smokers quilt a patchwork of amazing memories in cigar lounges and living rooms. It’s easy to do when you’re watching the slow burn of a savored Cuban or Dominican. It’s a lifestyle of leisure over letdown. It is a community of people over performance. It’s not a Luddite full of the rejection of cellphones and computers, smart TVs and tablets. That’s a silly mode of thinking in a world where technology’s proliferation comes with tangible benefit. It’s a cure to all those digital headaches that keep piling up amid the modern technology takeover. Yet, the cigar life functions as a vintage step back into a forward stepping world. It allows us to tend to our flames with pride, pushing the personal back into our lives. When we smoke, we taste and we smell and we talk and we simply live.
We’re not downloadable.
That is the most beautiful thing and worthy of lighting one up with the ones we love and laugh with.
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