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A Good Gentleman is Like a Fine Cigar

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There is a gentleman’s code that serves as the insulation of the best cigar lounges and smoke-filled cafes. Every door we hold open for a woman reflects that code without so much as passing anxiety about modern taboos. It’s present in the respectful hush between sentences when a compatriot takes a thoughtful drag off a prized Panetela, letting the next word of their story come at its own pace.

Vintage integrity and values don’t just have a place in the cigar lifestyle. They’re critical to what makes it so damn unique and refreshing in a modern world full of keyboard warriors trafficking in cheap wit and even cheaper disrespect. We’re not men (and women) of passing whims. Our tastes, our core beliefs, even our very diversity is ‘gentleman’ by its very nature.


An Honest Gentleman is the Only Gentleman

Cigar aficionados are honest about their passions. We’re not looking to put on a show for friends, relationship interests, or anyone in general. We don’t pretend to smoke Cubans because it’s a risque buzzword and makes us seem cool to someone. We’re not worried about being cool at all. We let our honesty guide us. We use it when selecting the right cigar at our local tobacconist. And, we use it in the tenor of our conversations on the golf course.
Being a gentleman is being honest with who you are and what you love. The dating app Zoosk combed over three million profiles. It found that men and women alike use the word honest the most in describing their ideal of the perfect mate. In a world where people hide their personalities behind computer screens, cigar smokers put the pretense aside. Not to be cool or attractive, mind you. It’s the gentleman thing to do.

Fine Cigars and Fine Gentlemen

In short, it all boils down to being genuine. We’re meticulous in choosing the right taste, the right heft and the right flavor of cigars. We genuinely want to relax and unwind. It’s not because we’re trying to play status games with a mobster’s Belicoso hung from our lips. Being genuine and true to oneself is crucial for a gentleman to enjoy the cigar lifestyle. It’s also huge for our health and self-confidence. Genuine self-compassion lowers our overall risk for developing depression and anxiety. It makes us more optimistic and more kind in our daily interactions.
A true gentleman never puts a damper on the party. He never drags his emotional baggage into the cigar lounge. We love ourselves enough to only buy the finest cigars and engage in the most rewarding of after-work conversations. We never put undue stress on ourselves or others. That’d be like helping an elderly lady across the street only to talk her ear off about how overwhelmed you are at work. A gentleman doesn’t need to whine when he’s comfortable with himself. He knows he has a relaxing treat waiting for him at home in his humidor.

The Code of Cigar Smokers Can’t Be Taught

Classic without trying. Relaxed without some sort of new-age technique or lame self-help jargon. The gentleman’s guide to the cigar lifestyle isn’t long and wordy. If you need a reminder to give her your coat when it’s cold outside, you don’t even know the language necessary to read it.

Are you all about appearances? Do smoke the “right” cigar brands because you want the “right” people to see you the “right” way? If so, then you’re not playing in the same ballpark. A gentleman is honest, genuine, and measured in his approach. We smoke cigars to enjoy ourselves and our free time. We live our lives the same way, preferring to take a drag instead of being one.

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