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Smoke on the Water: Cigars, Beaches and Campfires

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There is something primal about being in nature and relaxing with a nice cigar, much like the scenes of many James Bond movies. There is also nothing like a good smoke on the water whether you are on the water and enjoying a nice yacht show, are powering through a rough afternoon of fishing, hanging with the family at the beach, or taking in the country views. However, there may be some things to worry about that James Bond never seemed to consider such as mold and humidity, especially when traveling. If you’re looking for the ultimate guide for cigars when boating, sitting on the beach, or relaxing at a lakeside resort, then read on!

Smoke on the Water and Boating

If you’re ready to hop aboard, then we’re excited for you to join the crew! We have some great tips and tricks that’ll have you pulling anchor and joining James Bond on the water in no time. When you combine one passion with another, like smoking and boating, it’s a heavenly match.

Your cigars are a high maintenance pastime, so if you’re looking for the ultimate experience, keep these tips in mind:


Travel-sized humidors and portable humidors are available to keep humidity out and flavor in. Pick one up before you bring your cigars on board to protect them from any fish flop or swampy winds.

Cigar Cutter

This is an essential tool for any cigar aficionado looking to enjoy a smoke on the water. Don’t leave home without one or two. They’re like guitar picks; you can’t have too many.

Windproof Lighter

If your stogies are stored properly, and you remembered your cigar cutter, then there’s one more tool you must have, a good, windproof lighter. There’s nothing like the disappointment you’d experience if the wind prevented you from lighting up. Stash a windproof lighter with you so you can always enjoy that cigar with gusto regardless of wind conditions.

Beachside Spirits and Cigar Pairings

James Bond didn’t just smoke his cigars on boats, he paired his cigars with sun-soaked Mojitos and classic Martinis. When you talk about things that pair well, like salty and sweet, or bacon and well… everything, then cigars and spirits are no exception. When you talk about pairing cigars with a specific spirit, there is a general rule. Cigars are categorized into full-bodied cigars, medium body cigars, and light body cigars. Likewise, spirits are categorized as full-bodied, medium-bodied, and light-bodied. A full-bodied cigar should be paired with its counterpart, a full-bodied spirit.

There are, of course some spirits that you will find at a beachside cabana that are probably not a part of your normal repertoire of drinks, such as spiced rum, tequila and vodka. So, what are you to choose? Start by considering the flavor profiles of each option.

Spiced Rum is at the full-bodied end of the spectrum. It offers nutty, leather, maple, and dried fruit flavors. Pairing a full-bodied cigar with spiced rum brings out the natural flavors in your drink.

Not all beach parties begin or end with rum, though. What if your beach party is serving up tequila? There’s an easy answer for that as well. Go for an aged agave tequila. It offers a slight wood influence, which can add a creamier vanilla flavor for you to enjoy. It also does a great job of complementing a light-bodied cigar.

Finally, what smoke on the water experience would be complete without a vodka pairing? We can’t think of any, nor can we think of any vodka drinking bad boy who doesn’t smoke a cigar. Yet, what kind of cigar should you choose? For starters, fruity vodka pairs well with a spicy cigar and potato vodka pairs better with a medium-bodied cigar. Then, you have your grain vodkas, which are more common in the U.S. Grain vodka is better for your cocktails, which are best paired with full-bodied cigars.

Smoke on the Water vs. Campfire Cigars

Although boats and beaches allow you to channel your inner James Bond, sometimes it’s better to gravitate more towards John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Think of kicking back with a good cigar and a campfire to create your own stories. It’s hard to say whether it’s the smell of burning wood that enhances the cigar flavor or the cigar smoke that enhances the campfire, but these two activities build on each other’s strengths. Why or how is a question best left to the cosmos, but it’s likely that it’ll remain a mystery until the end of time. Instead, it’s better to just focus on your relaxation, the s’mores, scary bedtime stories, and the wonderful tastes and smells that go along with a great cigar.

Whether you’re on a boat, at the beach, or enjoying a lazy evening next to a campfire, a good travel humidor is your best friend. If you remember this, then you’re ready for a good smoke on the water anytime. We hope your next cigar and water adventure is more enjoyable than the last.

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