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Leading Cigar Lady Demi Moore Loves a Good Smoke

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Demi Moore is one of the most prolific leading ladies in Hollywood and for good reason. She’s been active for 40 years and has been working constantly throughout her entire career. Whether it was cameos in television series, leading roles in blockbuster films, or lending her iconic voice to animated characters, Demi Moore has done it all. While she was doing it all this leading cigar lady has also been smoking cigars alongside peers such as Kurt Russell and Tom Cruise.

The Early Years

Demi Moore is one of those rare, natural talents with something extra that makes people want to watch everything she does. She was born in Roswell, New Mexico, the birthplace of weirdness and aliens. Moore left home and became a pin-up girl at age 16 before landing a real acting gig at age 19. She has battled criticism, gender bias, and even cocaine addiction. Through it all, she has remained one of the most driven and outspoken women in Hollywood.

Long before she was a household name and years prior to her famous pottery scene with Patrick Swayze in Ghost, Moore was a struggling actress. She eeked out small roles in little-known films and TV shows. She landed a recurring role in the soap opera General Hospital in 1982. Yet, she wouldn’t gain a truly impactful role until 1985s St.Elmo’s Fire. Her role in the 80s classic teen drama would have her stealing hearts and catapulting to stardom.  

From there, she went on to land supporting roles in more movies until her big break starring alongside Swayze in Ghost. This role landed Moore’s critical acclaim and mark her as one of the top leading women in Hollywood.

From Actress to Cigar Lady

Demi Moore may be more well known for her movie roles, but she certainly hasn’t stopped there. Her marriage to action movie icon Bruce Willis resulted in three daughters. Motherhood is a feat few actresses have accomplished while continuing to hold their own in Hollywood. Moore is also known for her ability to command the screen. On the set, she is known for her grit and determination, even in the face of criticism.

Moore has an unabashed and fearless attitude toward her critics, especially for some of her roles in movies like Striptease and indecent Proposal. Yet, she offers no apologies for her roles. In fact, she says that equality means having these types of roles out there for people to see.

This leading cigar lady applies that same attitude toward smoking cigars. According to Moore, her first cigar was a bit much for her taste. It was a Montecristo and Moore has since found smaller cigars more to her liking. She also often enjoys a Montecristo Joyita while still enjoying the occasional Cohiba #2 or Montecristo #2. She was even given a travel humidor by a friend and fellow cigar fan, Tom Cruise. Moore uses it when she’s flying between sets.

Unapologetic and Unforgettable Cigar Lady

Part of what makes Demi Moore a mainstay in the business is her commitment to her craft and her ability to tackle any situation before her. It’s reported that Moore is one of the easiest women in Hollywood to work with. She is also one of the highest-paid women in history according to some reports.

Cigar lady, Demi Moore takes each role as seriously as the last. She has even gone so far as to speak with the Pentagon to get funding for the film G.I. Jane. The popular movie was about a female Navy SEAL. However, her Pentagon request was denied due to there being no female SEALs at the time.

Moore continued to work on the film without the help of the White House or the Pentagon. She even went so far as to actually shave her head for the role. Moore works tirelessly on every project, opting to reshoot scenes until the emotion comes across right.

Her passion for cigars is just as relentless. She has been vocal throughout the years about how she enjoys cigars. Despite her being a woman with an image to maintain, Moore feels everyone is equal and women can enjoy cigars, too.

Still In The Game

Although she’s been acting for 40 years and times have changed, Demi Moore shows no signs of stopping. She frequently has guest appearances and recurring roles in TV shows like the massive hit Empire. She’s also working on new movie projects, animated films, and production work.

Moore has a reputation for doing exactly what she wants and enjoying it while others mock and criticize her. This includes smoking cigars. Moore still enjoys cigars and often relishes the opportunity for a good smoke. Although Hollywood standards and ideas towards smoking have soured, Moore is still a rebel and proud to call herself a leading cigar lady. We’re likely to see a lot more of her in the coming years, doing what she does best, and giving us a good show.


Photo credit: GI Jane (1997) Buena Vista Pictures

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