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Choose Joy in Your Life Like You Choose a Cigar

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Take a second and list the things in your life that bring you a moment of joy without complication. A relationship with even the ‘perfect’ woman is still far from perfect. Children grow up and so grow their personalities. Usually, outside of your perceived bounds of logic and reason, they figure things out. Jobs pay the bills and a vacation or two, but they also pay for a doctor’s bill or three. Then, there’s a fine cigar – a breath of something more than fresh air when you need it most. For cigar smokers, a taste of cigar lifestyle at the exact moment you need it puts everything into crystal clear focus. It’s the moment you actively choose joy for a moment of peace and relaxation. With the right Corona Gorda and the right company, the heaviness of everyday responsibility lifts. That’s when an easy, unforced smile crosses our lips


It’s Not How You Relax. It’s That You Relax.

A group of 100 people was polled recently about their relaxation habits. The findings were baffling to the true cigar connoisseur. Forty percent of those polled said they never purposefully take time to step back and relax. Forty-five percent of the group stated they have a difficult time finding any single way to relax at all. That’s almost half! It’s hard not to feel sorry for such an uptight mode of approaching life. Cigar smokers have built a culture around themselves and their passions predicated on putting relaxation at the forefront. It’s intrinsic in the methodical. It’s zen-like in the way we peruse a smoke shop searching for the right fine cigars for the right mood, and the right get-together. It’s in the way we smoke our Lonsdales and Churchills, never hurrying to huff our way out of good taste and a good time.


A Little Mindfulness Goes A Long Way

A regular cigarette usually takes only a few minutes to smoke. The right fine cigar will last from 30 minutes to two hours if smoked with care. The cigar lounge is the perfect place to practice balancing needed mindfulness with the uncomplicated pleasure we are often denied through the rigors of daily life. In fact, such regular attention to mindfulness – to the joy of being in a damn good moment – lessens the strain to a powerful degree. It allows us the ability to focus sharper and make better decisions when life gets stressful.


Choose Joy for Value Greater Than a Good Time

Making room for joy sounds simple. Yet, it is the true divide between those who are happy and those who feel something missing even in the best moments. And if you choose joy – letting the rising smoke of your favorite cigar take you on a regular vacation from your ‘normal’ senses – you’ll create more joy in those around you. A recent study reported that a close friend’s happiness increases the likelihood you’ll feel happier by a full 15%. Hell, just being near acquaintances or friends of friends who are happy bumps your joy quotient by 6%. Cigar lovers, take heart. What some call your ‘guilty pleasure’ is actually the right pleasure for you. And that pleasure, that embrace of the joyful, will go a long way in taking the sting out of tough days for you and those around you.


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