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Six NBA Titles and Six??? Cigars a Day: The GOAT Michael Jordan

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We could simply call him an athlete, but the truth is Michael Jordan is one of the most successful men of the modern world, period. Winner of six NBA championships, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, the driving force behind the world’s most popular shoe brand, and operator of a chain of high-end steakhouses, Jordan has managed to dominate a lot more than just the basketball court.


As a man of both wealth and taste, it is no surprise that the G.O.A.T. has developed a taste for Cuban cigars. Reportedly smoking up to 6 sticks a day (most of them on the golf course) Jordan is one of our era’s foremost cigar connoisseurs.


And let’s face it, when you’re worth $1.9 Billion, you’re kind of expected to be.


The Early Days: Chicago Stadium & the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

According to interviews, Jordan first started smoking cigars in 1991 (the same year that he and Scottie Pippen put up a combined 62 points to defeat the Lakers in game 5 of the NBA championship). Jordan says that he was not a daily smoker until a few years later, as can be evidenced by the iconic photo of him with a cigar in his mouth after his 4th championship in 1996.


The stick in question? It was the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona 93’, a classic Habano that even today is considered by many to be one of the best smokes in the world. With a good draw and moderate aromas, this was a long but easy smoke that Jordan could smoke on his way to Chicago Stadium. It was a habit that became a lasting cigar ritual that is emulated by younger athletes.


Life of a King: Jordan’s Cigar-Friendly Lifestyle

Today, his Airness spends a lot more time on the golf course than the basketball court, playing 36 holes almost every-day. It’s a habit that seems to fit nicely with his taste for good tobacco; in fact almost every recent picture of MJ shows him on a golf course, with a stogie hanging from his lips.


Recent interviews have revealed that while he is a man that appreciates variety, Jordan’s primary go-to smoke is now the Partagás Lusitania, a Habano double corona that is actually not too distantly removed from the Hoyo de Monterrey. It’s a beast of a Cuban, and the size and stature of it only seems fitting for a man like him.


So how many of these does MJ go through these days? If a report from TMZ is any indicator, the number is quite high. Not only does his estate feature a walk-in humidor, but it also has a massive home theater that has been fitted with an air purification system designed to remove “massive amounts of cigar smoke”.

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With the advantage of hindsight, seeing pictures of a young Michael Jordan with a Cuban cigar in one hand and a championship trophy in the other is enough to make any man a little emotional. What at the time looked like the highlight of a lifetime was in fact only the beginning of the story. It’s a story that we don’t mind hearing again and again, and a story, we might suggest, that goes great with a cigar.







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