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Eleven Political Heavyweights Who Love Good Cigars

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People from all walks of life enjoy the cigar lifestyle. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll also find many political heavyweights who have joined the ranks of brothers and sisters of the leaf. Over the years a large number of heads of state, and other political figures have shown that they, too, live the cigar life. Some of them you’ve probably heard about. A few, you may not know…yet. We created a list of eleven major political players who enjoy good cigars.

Al Sharpton Loves Good Cigars

The Reverend Sharpton has been enjoying smokes for over 45 years. It’s a lifetime for many but not nearly as long as he’s been preaching, battling for civil rights and other causes he believes in. He’s also a member of the Grand Havana Room in New York City. The same place owned by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of former President Trump.

While never holding office, this cigar lover plays the political game. He also smokes with celebrities and politicos alike. Yet, at the Grand Havana Room, he is often alone, simply enjoying a good stick.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Long before he became the Governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger hosted some of the best cigar parties in Hollywood. When he wasn’t building biceps as Mr. Universe or starring in the latest action film, Arnold enjoyed one to two cigars a day. He often convinced his fellow co-stars to smoke as well. Today, he still enjoys his favorite Cohiba Cigars whenever he’s not saving the world.

Bill Clinton

The forty-second president, William Jefferson Clinton, enjoys a good stick. In fact, he often chewed on one while on the golf course. However, his wife, Hillary, had a hard and fast rule of no smoking inside the White House. Outside though, he smoked them whenever he had leisure time. You could often find him sporting a Gurkha His Majesty Reserve as often as he could.

Some of the most famous “alleged” use of unlit cigars in American history involves President Clinton and former White House Intern Monica Lewinski while they met in the Oval Office. Rumor holds that Miss Lewinski kept some sticks, among other items, as souvenirs from her private visits in the Oval Office.

Che Guevara Loved Good Cigars

Che Guevara was less known than the man he served during the Cuban Revolution, Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. He was actually Castro’s right-hand man. Good tobacco was rare during the time. Since Guevara loved nothing more than a good cigar, he went so far as to request cigars as payment for his service. He then handed them out to his men to help them relax. Talk about a man who shares his love of smokes.

Fidel Castro

Not only was he famous as a Cuban dictator, but he was also by all rights the only reason the famed Cohiba brand of cigars even exists today. The brand was created specifically for the revolutionary leader in 1966 and was only available to visiting dignitaries as gifts from Castro himself until 1982.

Fiorello Laguardia

The former New York mayor who battled organized crime in the 1930s and 1940s is iconic for smoking at his desk while handling city business. The notoriously tough-on-crime mayor smoked his sticks with the band still on them. We’re guessing it’s because it made him seem tougher.

General George S. Patton Loved Good Cigars

You can’t talk about powerful and influential men without mentioning the general himself. Patton was such a fan of smokes that he carried them wherever he went. This included while leading the allied forces to victory across Europe during World War II. There are many tales of Patton puffing away on good cigars while issuing orders to his troops. It is even rumored that he had a specific troop assigned to carry his humidor wherever he went.

John F. Kennedy Loved Good Cigars

The thirty-fifth President of the United States, JFK, holds fame for two major things regarding cigars. He was a big fan of smoking them. He also signed into law the Cuban trade embargo that has made true Cuban cigars some of the most sought after and prized possessions of cigar enthusiasts in the world. They are still illegal to purchase or sell in the United States.

Rush Limbaugh

The outspoken radio show host was an avid cigar fan for much of his life. Although, he supposedly quit smoking altogether in the 1980s. Limbaugh would reportedly light up well into his later years. Even after his diagnosis of cancer, he was an avid supporter of cigars. He even stated that they were one of the few things he enjoyed in life. Limbaugh was as outspoken about his happiness about smoking sticks as he was in his political beliefs.

Rudy Giuliani Loves Good Cigars

This former New York mayor, attorney, and an outspoken politician is as wild about smokes as ever. He often endorses cigar brands on his own and smokes one whenever he has a free moment. Rudy smokes cigars to relax and frequents many cigar bars. You could even spot smoking during his dealings with the forty-fifth president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Ulysses S. Grant

The Civil War general and eighteenth president of the United States is probably the most avid cigar smoker on our list. He reportedly smoked up to 20 sticks a day during the height of the Civil War. As a result of his penchant for fine smokes, he was given prized brands of cigars as gifts from across the world. Despite his numerous smokes a day, it’s rumored that Grant collected so many that he started to give them away as gifts to friends and visitors.

Smokers of the Highest Order

We could go on for days listing politicians and political figures who enjoy cigars. The ones listed above represent some of the most important, impactful, and outspoken cigar lovers the world has ever seen. Many of them helped shape the landscape of cigars in the United States and elsewhere.


Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

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