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Cigars and Football: Tailgating and a Good Stick

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There’s nothing better than pairing cigars and football for that pregame anticipation, or any other part of your tailgating party. When fall is here, that means football is here. And when football is here, tailgates drop all across the nation and parking lots explode into a fury of backyard games, lawn chairs, and some elaborate barbecue setups.  Tailgating might as well be at the top of the list of American pastimes – they come in every shape and size and happen all across the nation at events large and small. Who doesn’t love a good tailgate? When your favorite team is playing, there isn’t much better than a pregame parking lot party and a great cigar.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your next pregame stogie.


Choose a Cigar That Complements Your Food Selection.

We go through painstaking efforts to make some fantastic tailgate foods – we’re talking jalapeno poppers, buffalo wings, chili, dips, chips – the list goes on and on. So, you better make sure your cigar selection matches your food selection! For tailgating, the lighter the better – you don’t want a big, hearty full smoke to compete with that fantastic food that you just grilled up on the back of your Silverado.  A nice, mild cigar is perfect for pregame festivities.


Cigars and Football Means Tailgating With Variety

Tailgating is a social experience – time to spend with family, friends, and those you enjoy hanging out with. We’re assuming that you hang out with like-minded folks and that they’re cigar aficionados like yourself. With that being the case, there may be some cigar trading going on – so don’t forget to bring a few extras! You may find your buddy has been dying to try that Ashton you keep talking about, and he happened to bring along that Padrón you’ve been drooling over.


Don’t Skimp on the Drinks.

When someone says drinks, we automatically think of alcohol. While that can be an essential part of the tailgate routine, we need to make sure and hydrate, too! When the season kicks off, you’re bound to get a blistering hot September weekend that rolls through – and smoking a cigar is always better with a drink in hand. Definitely pack the beer, whiskey, and other seasonal cocktails you might be a fan of – but don’t forget to stay hydrated.


A Travel Humidor is a Must

Now you know to bring a variety of cigars, but make sure you transport them safely. In the midst of packing all of that tailgate gear, you may be tempted to throw a few cigars on the front seat and hit the road – but don’t! Nothing can ruin a tailgate faster than getting set up, only to find that your cigars are ruined because you didn’t properly transport them. So please, make sure you take the time to get them in your travel humidor. You do have one of those…right?


Save Time to Enjoy Cigars and Football by Going Early

Most of us like to start our tailgates early, well before the game begins. Make sure you leave enough time to enjoy that cigar before game time – don’t rush it! Tailgates may get wild, but lighting up that cigar should slow the day down and help you enjoy every moment.


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Sometimes the best fall cocktails and cigars include a well-made Old Fashioned.My best advice for new smokers before you visit a cigar shop.