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Cigar Life Guy™ Launches Online Apparel Store

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ATLANTA – Cigar Life Guy™, a leading cigar lifestyle brand, recently launched a branded online apparel store. Founder, Dave Arlinghaus received requests for branded merchandise from fans. “I’ve received numerous inquiries from the cigar community,” said Arlinghaus. Fans were “asking where they could purchase Cigar Life Guy gear.” With that, the online apparel store was born.


Cigar Life Guy Meets Queensboro Shirt Company

Cigar Life Guy is partnering with the Queensboro Shirt Company. The Queensboro Shirt Company to manufacture, embroider and fulfill all apparel orders. Products will include designer labels as well as budget-wise items. Arlinghaus aims to ensure that fans have a variety of items to choose from. So, fans can buy the branded merchandise they crave.
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Polo shirts
  • Outerwear and more

Queensboro Shirt founder, Fred Meyers said, “As someone who also enjoys an occasional cigar, I can appreciate what Dave is trying to do with his store.”  “We are delighted that he has chosen us as a partner for this project. We love the logo and nothing would make us happier than to see Dave sell a ton of it,” said Meyers. “When you are a long way from home, there is nothing like a good cigar to put everything in proper perspective for you. It is the least our service folks deserve.”


About Queensboro Shirt Company

Fred Meyers founded the Queensboro Shirt Company in his New York City dorm room during the late 1970s. Since then, the shirt company has evolved. It began by running small ads in the back of the New Yorker magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Now, it is a leading, online merchant of custom logo apparel and promotional products. The company operates out of a 100,000 square foot facility in Wilmington, North Carolina. Yet, it has distribution centers in Dallas, Texas, and Indianapolis, Indiana.


Operation: Cigars for Warriors

Cigar Life Guy wanted to support a charity it believed in when launching its online apparel store. So, it could think of none more fitting than Operation: Cigars for Warriors. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s the dish.

One goal drives Operation: Cigars for Warriors — to do our part to make our troops’ lives a little better. The organization, Cigars for Warriors distributes requested comfort items to troops deployed in combat zones. The organization celebrated shipping its one-millionth cigar (the #1 requested item) in 2019. Operation: Cigars for Warriors has been a 501(c)3 organization since 2012. It has a platinum certification from GuideStar, information for financial transparency.


Apparel for a Mission

“The selection of Queensboro as a fulfillment partner addresses my key criteria,” said Arlinghaus. “They produce outstanding quality products. I love wearing the apparel as well.” The Queensboro Shirt Company is also known for its award-winning customer service. Arlinghaus agreed and stated that pricing was another reason that strengthened the partnership. “Queensboro’s customer service is extremely strong,” said Arlinghaus. “Also, the customer pricing will also represent a good value for money spent. Finally, the icing on the cake is the ability to earmark all profits I would have received to an outstanding cigar charity, Cigars for Warriors.”

Operation: Cigars for Warriors founder, Storm Boen responded about the charitable impact. “Cigars are the single most requested item by deployed troops, both men and women. A cigar provides a moment of relaxation in the middle of a stressful situation. We are excited Cigar Life Guy has chosen to support our mission.”

Dave Arlinghaus is a staunch supporter of America’s military. Cigar Life Guy plans to donate 100% of net profits from store purchases to Operation: Cigars for Warriors. It’s a cause that perfectly aligns with Cigar Life Guy while supporting our troops. The organization provides comfort items like cigars and cigar accessories to deployed U.S. troops

If you’re looking for some great gear, be sure to visit our apparel store today.


About Cigar Life Guy

Cigar Life Guy™ is the cigar lifestyle brand owned and operated by cigar aficionado, Dave Arlinghaus. Its media properties provide entertainment and education. It’s focused on social cigar smoking and the great conversations that occur over a social cigar. Cigar Life Guy™ also builds awareness for the huge savings opportunity regular cigar smokers have when purchasing life insurance. Through its life insurance brokerage, Cigar Life Guy™  helps cigar smokers realize those savings. That includes non-tobacco rates for cigar smokers, which often equal up to a 70% savings. Dave Arlinghaus has been an independent life insurance broker since 2010.

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