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Okay! So here’s the deal, we aren’t going to actually go out to the store and buy you a box of cigars every month and send them to you….but with the money you will save on life insurance (since you’ll be getting non-tobacco rates even though you smoke cigars) you’ll have more than enough money left over to treat yourself to a box of your favorite sticks every month; maybe more!  Yes, the price difference between getting “tobacco rates” and “non-tobacco rates” on life insurance really is that big! So, in essence, it will feel like you’re getting a free box of cigars every month.

Here’s How It Works

Consider Bill, he’s 50 years old, a regular cigar smoker in “average” health and wants $250,000 in life insurance.  Bill will qualify for life insurance at “standard” rates.  Let’s assume he goes to “The Other Guy” that will place him with an insurance company that classifies his cigar use as “tobacco rates.” For a 20 year policy he’d be asked to pay $202/month*.  If he went with Cigar Life Guy who placed him with a company that treats cigar smokers as “non-tobacco rates” he’s be asked to pay $74/month* — a difference of $128/month – enough to buy a pretty good “free” box of cigars every month.

Let’s say Bill wants a “Lifetime” policy, one guaranteed to last for the rest of his life? “The Other Guy” would be $472/month and Cigar Life Guy would be $305/month – a difference of $167/month – an even bigger or better “free” box of cigars!

Plan ($/month)* “The Other Guy” Cigar Life Guy Savings ($ to buy cigars)
20 year term $202 $74 $128
“Lifetime” $472 $305 $167


Sounds good? Fill out a no-obligation instant quote form and get information customized for your age, the amount of insurance you want, and the length of time you want it for.  Remember, if you only smoke cigars (no cigarettes, vape, e-cigarettes), check “no” to smoking/tobacco use on the quote form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Based on published rates for a level term policy for A+ rated carriers February 2020 on Compulife. The “Lifetime” policy is a Universal Life policy with a guaranteed death benefit to age 121 from representative A+ rated carriers in February 2020 on Compulife. Cents omitted. Rates subject to change. Not an offer of insurance and individuals must apply and qualify for the life insurance policy they wish to obtain.  Cigar Life Guy does not issue life insurance policies. Only life insurance carriers can issue life insurance policies.

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