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Below are our best answers to several frequently asked questions. If you’ve got a burning question that is not addressed below, call us today to discuss your situation further.

What are the best life insurance companies for cigar smokers?

There are at least three top-rated, A+ life insurance companies that will offer regular or daily cigar smokers standard non-tobacco rates. Your lab tests can show positive results for cotinine, the biomarker in your blood, urine or saliva for nicotine. If you smoke more than 1 cigar a week, these three, top-rated life insurance companies are excellent choices. One of the three life insurance companies offers you rates up to standard plus, but it’s really a wash because their standard plus rate is priced like a standard. To be clear, you have access to their full lineup of products (term, permanent, indexed universal life, and etc.) not just a single product.

How can cigar smokers get preferred rates from life insurance companies?

If you smoke one cigar a week or less there is at least one company that will offer best rates (e.g. “Preferred” or better) but your lab results must be negative for cotinine. There are a whole host of companies that offer smokers who smoke 6-24 cigars per year the best rates. Again, you must test negative for cotinine. In all cases, a full disclosure of your use is required on the application.

Why doesn’t Cigar Life Guy™ disclose the names of these life insurance companies and the policy details online?

Cigar Life Guy™ doesn’t identify the names of life insurance companies or their underwriting practices publicly for several reasons.

  • Things are always changing
  • Life insurance companies own their underwriting practices not Cigar Life Guy™
  • Life insurance companies aren’t directly marketing to consumers about special rates for cigar smokers
  • The life insurance companies’ abilities to promptly turnaround your application and make you an offer vary and this changes from month to month

At any given time, Cigar Life Guy™ may not recommend using one specific company even though they have great financial strength and favorable treatment of cigar smokers. Tobacco use is just one criterion in the overall health and lifestyle picture that life insurance companies look at and how they treat other aspects of your case will influence the company’s recommendation. If you’re applying for life insurance through Cigar Life Guy™, you’ll know the name of the company you’re applying with, but we don’t publish this information for the general public.

Do you work with or do policies for non-smokers as well?

Absolutely! You get the same underwriting experience, the same product knowledge, and the same customer service. Share the love and peace of financial protection afforded to you by life insurance and tell your non-smoking friends and family.

Why do cigar smokers get charged more by some companies?

That’s a good question and it all comes down to science. The scientific evidence of the impact that smoking tobacco products has on life expectancy is well known. This really isn’t up for debate. However, some companies take the easy way out and lump all tobacco or nicotine use together. Other life insurance companies recognize that the way and frequency nicotine other than cigarettes are used varies. So, they have adjusted their guidelines for pricing to accommodate some situations, like cigar smoking. This isn’t to say that cigar smoking is healthy or that you should start smoking cigars. Yet, if you already smoke cigars, then you can at least go with a life insurance company that will treat you right.

Can I still get life insurance if I have health problems?  Will it be expensive?

We’ll answer this two-part question with one answer at a time. Can you still get life insurance if you have health problems? The answer is yes, you may still qualify. Most cigar smokers can qualify for some type of life insurance and Cigar Life Guy™ can help you determine which type of life insurance will work best for you.

Now, will you like the price? That depends. Cigar Life Guy™ believes in keeping it real and letting you know where you stand. There are many health conditions, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, that aren’t a big deal provided that they they’re well-controlled – even if you are on medication. Diabetes isn’t usually too big of a deal, but it depends on your age and how well-controlled it is. Now, heart conditions and cancer are a big deal, but, again, each situation differs. For some of these more serious health concerns, it comes down to how long ago they were a problem for you. The life insurance companies will look at it differently if you had a heart event 20 years ago than someone who had one last year or last month. We realize that this sounds vague, but every situation really is unique. If you’re 50 or over and just looking for a small final expense policy -burial insurance,  the guidelines are more relaxed and many health conditions are no big deal.

Which life insurance companies are the best for marijuana users?

Guidelines for marijuana users are wilder than for cigar smokers -and that’s saying something. Cigar Life Guy™ stays on top of this too, particularly for key companies. Much like the cigar situation, the important thing is to be upfront about your use.

  • How often are you using?
  • Is it smoked or edible?
  • Is it for recreational or medical use?
  • If it’s medical use, do you have a paper trail from the doctor supporting this?

Tip: Go with a company that is most favorable to your use and frequency.

A couple of themes from some recent conversations with senior underwriters is that the state you’re in and the “legality” in that state doesn’t matter. Why? All marijuana use is still illegal at the federal level. Daily or near-daily recreational use is still frowned upon. Yet, if you use marijuana only a couple of times each week, it’s not that big of a deal. Again, make sure you go with the right company based on their current views on marijuana use.

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